There is a big problem in front of all small/medium mobile phone brands and companies: they only would like to place a small quantity order with their own brands personality in batches but just find that most OEM manufacturers won't meet their needs. This problem can be resolved now on CNOEMPhone.net platform, which integrates all the companies' order information and unify an order to the OEM factories for production. In this way, CNOEMPhone.net does not only improve the efficiency of OEM manufacturers and factories, but it also offers an excellent service for small/medium mobile phone brands and companies.
As the biggest OEM/ODM mobile phone platform, CNOEMPhone.net integrates the phone business resource for both companies that need to find an OEM factory and OEM manufacturers that want to cooperate with foreign brands or operators. On CNOEMPhone.net, customers could place an OEM order that contains a lower number of quantity, 3000 mobile phones for example, and don't need to care about the mobile phone manufacturers' minimum order quantity requirement; on the other side, the mobile phone OEM manufacturers don't need to focus on the clients' order quantity, what they need to do is to make cellphones based on their own production capacity.

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Cross-industry Transition Brands/Companies
Some brands or companies, who want a cross-industry transition into mobile phone business but know nothing about the phone industry and get into trouble on all sides, can get a full range of professional knowledge about mobile phone industry, such as phone industry chain, mobile phone components and so on. After getting a whole view of mobile phone business and Chinese local OEM manufacturer information, you can choose an OEM manufacturer for cooperation based on your own situation and resource.
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Local Mobile Phone Brands/Companies
Some local mobile phone brands or companies, which have certain reputation in the local phone market, don't want to give up their own brand to be a brand agent when the mobile phone market, especially smart phone market, is expanding. However, they will face the dual problems of meeting the local need and finding an appropriate OEM manufacture when starting the smart phone business. But now, on the CNOEMPhone.net, we offer convenience to our customers, fixing the financial pressure problem, assuring the mobile phone quality and reducing negotiation costs, to help customers promote market channels on the right track in a faster pace.
Well Known Mobile Phone Brands or Operators
Well known mobile phone brands and operators across the world, Sprint, Maxx, Fly and so on, can know the market information of Chinese mobile phone industry, as the CNOEMPhone.net platform has gathered most strong and big integrators to be ready for providing OEM service for these well known brands.
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