Third Party Inspection Service

    In order to guarantee the products' quality, some customers will arrange their own team to evaluate the factory and inspect the goods before shipping, but many of them might not have their own team to do this. For this condition, we will offer the service as full inspection, random inspection and factory audit, etc. There are so many professional consultants in our assessment team to make an overall evaluation of factory in overall situation, management level, production capacity and quality management system, etc. Those factors would form a elevation report for the clients to determine whether the factory is a qualified supplier or not. Our professional inspectors are capable of meeting the demand of our clients and we also can send QC to the factory, with the client's inspection standards for 100% or random check. Our professional inspectors can confirm the quality quickly and we are able to find the solution to deal with the defective products. The goals of us is to control the defective rate before shipping and Paul aircraft escort for the quality of goods.
full inspection
    Send QC (Quality-Control Inspector) to your factory to make inspection.
  • Procedure: according to the order quantity and inspection time, than confirm the inspector number. Our inspectors will arrive to the factory. With the inspection to make 100% check. After inspection, the good products will be packed by the factory worker, our inspector will supervise the whole packing process in case of the defective good are mixed into the cartons, or it will be packed by our inspectors. After packing we will make sealing with stamp on the carton.
  • Goal: to ensure the shipping date and guarantee the quality, the inspector in the factory can confirm the qty quickly, for the defective ones, we can find solution to deal with it, and reduce your lose.
  • Remark: in order to guarantee the products' qty, inspection and packing should be done at the same time. Before the inspectors leave the inspection spot all the goods have to be packed, in case of the defective goods are mixed into the cartons.
Full Inspection
random inspection
    Pre-production inspection/During production inspection/Pre-Shipping inspection Definition: according to AQL standards or as customer requirement to sampling a part of the products, according to the clients information to check the packing, qty and appearance, function and the relevant test. After inspection we will make assessment of the whole lot, than according to AQC Maximum standard value to make judgment whether this lot can meet the shipping requirements of client
  • 1. Pre-production inspection: when the production up to 10%, we will strictly according to client instruction to check the material, accessories and production way, and make comparison with the sample, to make sure the mass products are the same as the sample.
  • 2. During production inspection: when the production up to 60% and begin to packing, our inspector will select the product or semi-products to check and do the relevant test, which can be find out the problems at the early stage and prevent the defective good continued to produce, at the same time we will take the effective measure to improve it and inform to client. At this stage, we find the problems and find the way to solve it, and estimate the finished time.
  • 3. Pre-Shipment inspection: when all the products are finished and over 80% are packed, our inspector will according to ANSI/AASQC21.4C MIL.STD-105E TO sampling product to check (qty, packing, appearance, function and relevant rest, to check whether the products are the same as sample. At this stage, we will make assessment of the whole lot to confirm the quality, and inform the client to arrange shipment.
Random Inspection Random Inspection-cnoemphone
factory audit
    Entrusted by client, we specialized consultant made on a judges team, to review an overall evaluation of the factory. Including: the overall situation, the management system, production capacity and quality management system, etc, and form the evaluation report, for the client, to determine whether the factory as the basic of the qualified suppliers.
The main content of inspection:
  • Factory basic situation
  • Human resources
  • Analyzing of the production procedures
  • Analyzing of quality control system
  • Factory management status
  • Working environment
Inspection Service Process
  • ontact us with e-mail, telephone or fax to confirm the inspection manner, standards , inspection date, etc.
  • Our contact information:
  • Tel: (+86)0755-88914342
  • Fax: (+86)0755-88914342
  • E-mail:
  • To confirm the inspection charge, as the formal file to send to clients
Confirm The Contract
  • Before the inspection date, generally one week in advance, clients send the order and contract to us. For emergency situation, at least 3 days in advance before inspection date.
Proceed Inspection
  • To discuss the inspection standards for the third parties and confirm the standards.
Feedback The Report
  • We will submit the inspection report and abnormal situation to client on the next day morning.
Proceed Inspection
  • To supervise the safety of packing process, in case of the defective goods are mixed into the good products.
Completed Inspection
  • Client will confirm the inspection report and indicate shipment .
Consult Client Of The Product Quality
  • After delivery for 10 days, we will consult client of the product quality.