Business Assistance

    As a platform, provides business assistance to our customers. There are several kinds of business assistance:
    Every year, a large number of foreign customers who are interested in mobile phone business come to Shenzhen for field trip. In order to have good communication with the customers all over the world, we provide translation services. Our team has many experienced translators who master various languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, French etc. Our translators could help you in planning schedule, business negotiation and they can also give you a good suggestion with their understanding of the local phone industries.
Trading Agency
    For clients who hasn't branch office here in China, we can also be your trading agency as local, and our working contents include as follows:
  • 1.sample making.
  • 2.hotel booking, car service, translation service.
  • 3.after the production order are confirmed, we will follow the production process and quality control.
  • 4.shipment management.
Trading Agency-cnoemphone