Android System Customization

Customized Android ROM is necessary when you focus on android device for a specific market. A custom ROM can give the user a faster and slimmer version of the operating system, besides that, custom ROMs can offer much more than that. With commercial friendly open source license, Android is very open to all kind of customization.  So, many mobile phone manufacturers will modify on the basis of original system, to retain the original features of Android, but also add some of their own brand functions and features according to their users' habits and culture. Generally, there are two reasons for you to customize Android System for your OEM order:
  • 1. For users consideration. Different users from all over the world might have different customs and habits, different languages and cultures, the difference between countries and regions needs mobile phone manufacturers and operators to meet their requirements. So, local brand manufacturers or operators must localize the mobile phone Android system to fit the habits and aesthetics of the local end-users through an into-depth system transformation.
  • 2. Brand  and Marketing. For different brand manufacturers and local operators, they have their own products and users orientation, therefore, they would like to customize the mobile phone android system to fit the brand characteristics to form their own brand culture.
    Basic Customization

Generally, when you place an OEM order, you might want to  customize some basic software requirements:

  • 1. Customize OEM mobile phones' brand and item no.
  • 2. Customize OEM mobile phones' power on/off logo or animation.
    You can provide the power on/off picture as the following picture to customize the mobile phones' power on/off logo or animation. If you don't have original logo/animation, you can list your requirements to us and our professional team will design power on/off logo/animation for you according to your requirements.
  • 3. Customize OEM mobile phones' ringtone
  • 4. Customize OEM mobile phones' wallpaper
  • 5. Customize OEM mobile phones' browser home page
  • 6. Customize OEM mobile phones' language
  • 7. Integrated third party apk application,such as QQ, MX PLAYER,MAP etc
  • 8. Any others requirement which customer need…
    UI customization
  • 1. Speedy & Steady :let you phone run smooth and fast
  • 2. Simple to Use:single layer UI, easily operation, once click flash
  • 3. Huge amounts of Theme: joint hot every day, update in time
  • 4. Intelligent Management : classification application program precision, automatic manual work along both sides
  • 5.Once click speed up:one click to remove multiple tasks,quickly closed the backgrounder of malicious programs, release equipment memory

    If customers are dissatisfy in protogenetic android system,  our professional team can customize CM/MIUI/FLYME or any other series system for.


  • CM official website :

    Cyanoge Mod(CM for short):Cyanogen is currently the world's largest Android third-party compiler team

  • MIUI official website:

    MIUI is XIAOMI technology based on Linux operating system developed of  the android ROM , specially designed for Chinese habit, overall improvement, to domestic users a more intimate experience of Android smart phone

  • FLYME official website:

    FLYME meizu is based on the Android operating system for its smart phones tailor-made operating system, designed to provide users with excellent interaction experience and thoughtful service online

    APP Exploit
Once Click Flash ROM Customization
In order to make the mobile phone users safely and quickly update the phone breaking away from the PC and conveniently experience the characteristics and advantage of different OS as soon as possible, our professional team constantly adapts more phones and corresponding ROM package, to allow mobile phone users using the latest and best Android customized ROM. Left picture shows a Flash main UI, which has a clear function module, easy to operate, beautiful & natural interface layout.
The specific function modules include:
  • 1. Backup contacts, SMS, phone records, in the form of custom data stored, make the data more secure.
  • 2. Specify model's ROM download, it can realize high speed download relative models of ROM.
Specify model's ROM download
  • 3. One click flash, containing the selections of downloaded ROM package or local ROM package, warm reminder tips of double cleaning, data security backup, recovery download of customized mobile phones, automatic brush recovery and ROM package.
One click flash
One click flash
  • 4. Contacts, SMS, phone records recovery.

contact record recovery
  • 5. Mobile phone users can report bugs to our development team via the feedback function.

report bugs to us
  • 6. Flash version updating to  let mobile phone users get the latest version anytime and anywhere to have a good experience.

Flash version updating
    The mobile phone users can feed back used feeling, comments, suggestions, evaluation of the dealers and suppliers through the APP to the phone's owner company. The APP also can push all kinds of awesome news at any time to the specified or all of the models.
Repair Contacts

Mainly used for repair the problems that when between different system platforms through the third party cloud service synchronization contact person, it appear the contact number encoding is null , void Spaces or underscores symbols such as unable to send SMS.

The main interface: only one interface, one button, can quickly repair the bugs which because of invalid characters that can't send SMS.

Repair Contacts

To show the effects of video autoplay, even when no operations have been done to the mobile phones and the screen locks for 10 seconds, the app will autoplay specific video repeatedly. The mobile phone users only need to copy the video to specified documents and then open the app, it's done. Users quit the app, but the app will restart and play the video ten seconds after the screen is locked.

Modify Launcher3

Modify Android protogenetic Launcher3, redraw all APPS list icon, modify slide animation, redraw File Folder, take out Google search bar, hostseat, workspace cutting line and start All APP list middle button.

Modify Launcher
    Order Process
order process-cnoemphone