Large Memory



Super powerful

13 Megapixel

Rapid focus and


5.5" FHD

*Attetion:S7 also comes with 2GB+16GB,3GB+32GB version.

Different screen sizes, equally stunning

S7 provides two different screen sizes 5.2" and 5.5" to meet the needs of different users. Two
different screen sizes have the same screen quality, high color gamut with excellent screen
display technology, making more close to the real photo and sharper text. When you hold S7
in hand, all it offers is nothing but good, so you can not help immersing in them.

*Attetion:5.2 "is Elephone S7 mini, 5.5 " is Elephone S7, the two differ in configuration.

Super In-cell screen

5.5-inch JDI full lamination In-cell screen appears to be thinner, brighter and offers stunning
visual effect. Silky technology innovation brings super fast screen response speed.
Down to 1 nit brightness makes zero night time glare and blue light filter technology cares for
your eyes any time.

Wherever to be seen is a heartfelt artwork

Mellow line design on the body makes it as if a transparent emerald. Other than that, fine
back cover contains 15 super process, which can reflect unique pattern in the light,
as brilliant as the aurora.

Unibody beauty in black, other than before

Metal mid-frame in black S7 was carefully crafted with sand-blasting process, showing a
delicate matte texture. Achivement of the glossy and shining back cover is through a
special polishing craftsmanship with multiple sophisticated processes.
Wonderful combination of black mid-frame and black back cover exhibits pure and
seamless black. Who knew black could be so beautiful?

S7 is beyond good-looking

There is powerful performance support under beautiful appearance. CPU Intelligent Scene
Recognition will handle resources deployment based on system operation, assigning users
CPU to the applications in more common use. Fast response to each operation, balanced
performance and power consumption, real combination of software and hardware. S7 is not
just looking good, but also very easy to use.

Powerful configuration enables willful shooting

13 Megapixel rear camera, coupled with F2.2 large aperture, allows photo details to
stand the test, and real-time HDR increases image clarity. Electronic anti shake voids
blurred image. Willful shooting is all because of confidence.


Rear camera


Front camera

Set free your horizon

5.5 inch 3D curved screen enhance a leap in perception and horizon.
Bezel-less screen built by superb technology extends visual impact and enrich your horizon.
Bezel-less sets free your horizon.

Double curved design, excellent hand-held feeling

Double 3D curved design seamlessly connects metal mid-frame to create a lightest and thinnest metal
body. High screen-to-body ratio and ultra narrow bezel fits in a more compact body. Easy to held in
single hand and put into a pocket. Curved line highlights sexy body, craftsmanship builds quality.

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