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Metal Frame :

Metal frame has been a really highlight of high-end smartphones in the past 2015 year, and it is absolutely will be the main-stream trend and used in more and more medium range or even low end smartphones as the mobile phone manufacturing technology developing.

Why are so many smartphone manufacturers and customers prefer a metal frame phone? Metal frame not just improves a lot in smartphones’ appearance and hand-feeling, but it also makes the smartphone be solider from damage.

And there are three ways to machining metal frame:

Crafts type

Process mode




Form the build according to the punching machine impacts the aluminum sheet, then with anodization related processes 

This series Build without the structure and function comparing with the fixed accessories. The estimated price would be  lower to 10USD/pcs

Red Note2

Die Casting + CNC

To make the preliminary form from the liquated die-cast aluminum with die casting machine, then useing the CNC craft to have to later processing

There will be the high requirements on the aluminum, moudle, and die-cast technique. Besides, the die casting craft can't meet the requiement on anodization.                           But it has advantages as fast process, low cost, and the whole build just needs around 15USD/pcs


Full CNC

To do the process through the drill with the whole piece aluminum.                       Before the process, the aluminum need to be cut and squeezed, milled into small pieces. Then will have processes like,   the inner chamber and antenna groove with rough milling, nano molding,  finish-milling, polish, anodization and so on.

This process mode not only has the beautiful metal apperance, but with so complicated internal structure of the build to fix the accessories.                                             But this mode has high requirements on precision, design, controling of drilling and milling equipment, with longer process time. And the price will be among 25-35USD/pcs