TP (touch panel) manufacturing types:
G+G (Tempered glass + glass): superficial tempered glass + glass sensor
G+F+F (tempered glass+ film+ film): superficial tempered glass+ 2 films material
G+F (tempered glass+ film): superficial tempered glass+ 1 film material
G+P (tempered+ PC): superficial tempered glass+ PET plastic cover
OGS (one glass solution): one piece of glass has the dual function of the protecting the glass and touch sensor
  • Resolution types:
    WVGA (800*480), FWVGA (854*480), qHD (960*540), HD (1280*720), FHD (1920*1080) 2K (2560*1440).
  • DISPLAY PANEL types:
    There are some main types of LCD on the market: TFT (Thin Film Transistor), AMOLED (Active-matrix Organic Light Emitting Diod), SLCD ( splice liquid crystal display), etc. 
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according to the products' market positioning,
the camera megapixel are generally 0.3M (megapixel),
1.3M, 2.0M, 5.0M, 8.0M, 13.0M, 15.0M, 21.0M. Some major manufactures of the mobile phone camera are OV,GC, SONY, SAMSUNG,etc.
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Mobile face shell/ bottom shell
  • Mobile face shell:
    Face shell is the basic structure of a cell phone. Phone's camera, handset, buttons and infrared sensor need to embed in the face shell for fixing. Polycarbonate is a typical material used widely in mobile phone shell.
  • Mobile Bottom Shell:
    bottom shell is the basic structure of a cell phone as the mobile face shell. Bottom shell inlays face shell for fixing the outer components of mobile phone.
Mother board
  • motherboard is the carrier of all sorts of function and is most basic and important parts. The phone's main electronic systems, electronic element and its interfaces, auxiliary electronic elements and functional chips are integrated on motherboard. Mobile phone manufactures usually take some stable motherboard scheme from the company specializing in designing motherboard.
  • CPU:
    mobile phone manufactures would use different processors based on different products positioning (2 core, 4core, 8core). The more number of cores, the faster processing speed. Several major manufactures of CPU are Mediate, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, Samsung, Intel, etc.
  • ROM(Read Only Memory):
    its main role is to store date.The types of the ROM are respectively 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB and 128GB.
  • RAM(Random Access Memory):
    mainstream of RAM on the market is respectively 512MB,1GB,2GB,3GB and 4GB.
modern smartphones are using a polymer or lithium- ion battery that rated voltage usually is 3.7V- 4.2V and 3.8V- 4.35V.
Battery Cover
modern phone manufactures in accordance with the requirements for appearance design take diffenrent materials to make the back cover.There are few common back covers--2.5D non-removable cover.metal non-removable cover.plastic removable cover.etc.nowadays.many mobile manufacture are beginning to sert foot in back cover customized service for production differentiation.