Quality Control Flow Chart

some of main quality CONTROL projects

Pressure test
To dial 1000 times phone call continuously on the automatic test software, if there is a problem, we must rewrite relevant softwares.
Anti-drop test
Anti-drop test is conducted by special PPRT reliability lab. 0.5m drop test must be done 300 times for per surface (mobile has total 6 surfaces), 2m drop test must be done 1 time for per surface.
High/low temperature test
Let the phone in different temperature to test the adaptability of the phone. Low temperature is generally in the minus 20℃, high temperature is at around 80℃。
Key life test
With the help of the machine to give 100000 times hit to keyboard which is equal to user the use of mobile phone 3 years or so.
Dust test
Putting the phone in a specific case, the fine sand will be propped up by a dryer, after about 3 hours later, open the phone and check whether there is sand into the interior. If so, the phone airtight design is not good enough, the structure needs to be readjusted.
Humidity test
With a special cabinet machine to do drip test, imitate real sweats situation that needs to sustain 30 hours.