Production Process

    Generally, mobile phone integrators refers to the original mobile phone manufacturers who define the mobile phone at first, and then design the appearance and internal structure, after that, they open mould and debug the mobile phone's software at the same time. After everything is ready, the mobile phone integrators will purchase the phone components, such as phone cases, battery, display panel, keyboard, etc., there are almost one hundred parts in a mobile phone. After purchasing all these phone parts, the mobile phone
The whole mobile phone production process plan shows as below:
while mobile phones production plan
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Production Schedule Plan
Theoretically speaking, it takes 80-90 days from defining a phone product to volume production and delivery, on condition that no NG happens during the production process. The process includes three phases:
  • First phase: 20-30 days to define a mobile phone product, from ID to MD (Mechanical Design, also called Structural Design) and prepare mould data.
  • Second phase: 30 days from hardware design to sealed sample.
  • Third phase: 30 days from small production plan (PP) to volume production.
It will take more 60+ days from hardware design to sealed sample according to your company's requirements on mobile phone quality and technology. If you have placed an OEM order before, you can shorten the delivery deadline days to 30-45 days, because only some steps of the production processes need to be customized, such as touch panel and LCD sample in the structural design step.