Phone Chipset Core Number

Single Core
    A chip with one CPU (one processing unit). Applied in LENOVO A300T. Single core is getting less popular but may also suits some functional phones.
Dual Core
    A central processing unit (CPU) that has two separate cores on the same die, each with its own cache. It essentially is two microprocessors in one. The two distinct processors work simultaneously. It can achieve approximately an 80% increase in processing power over single core CPU chips.

  • A single computing component with two or more independent actual processing units (called "cores"), which are the units that read and execute program instructions.
  • Processors were originally developed with only one core. In the mid 1980s Rockwell International manufactured versions of the 6502 with two 6502 cores on one chip as the R65C00, R65C21, and R65C29 sharing the chip's pins on alternate clock phases. Other multi-core processors were developed in the early 2000s by Intel, AMD and others.
Multi-core processors phones
  • two cores (dual-core CPUs, for example, Nokia Lumia1320 and SAMSUNG B9120),
  • four cores (quad-core CPUs, for example, ASUS ZENFONE 2 and LENOVO A889),
  • six cores (hexa-core CPUs, for example, XIAOMI MI 4C),
  • eight cores (octa-core CPUs, for example, HUAWEI Mate7 and XIAOMI MI 4I),