Most Popular Smartphone Screen Resolution

Screen resolution provided by China OEM smartphone manufacturers defines the number of pixels (the tiniest addressable points) available on the screen, and it is usually quoted as width × height. Generally speaking, more dots allow designers to fit more content on the screen, such as GUI elements, apps, and websites. Bigger resolution doesn’t necessarily mean better quality though, as there are other important factors, such as pixel density, diagonal screen size, and many more.

Table of most popular OEM smartphone screen resolution

Name For Short Resolution
Quarter CIF QCIF 176*144
Quarter VGA QVGA 240*320
Wide Quarter VGA WQVGA 400*240
Half-Size VGA HVGA 480*320
Video Graphics Array VGA 480*320
Wide VGA WVGA 800*480
Full Wide VGA FWVGA 854*480
Quarter High Definition Qhd 960*540
High Definition HD 1280*720
Full High Definition FHD 1920*1080
Quad HD 2K 2560*1440

More pixels in the latest releases

We expect the most popular OEM smartphone screen resolution to grow in the future although it's unsure whether 4K in a smartphone makes sense. Some argue that 4K resolution opens new doors for smartphone-powered VR devices offering a more sophisticated virtual reality experience.