Mobile Phone ID and MD

  • Definition:
    Design solutions for harmony between function and form, creativity and usability, material and style, texture, mobile phone interface and colors.
  • A good mobile phone designer would: 

    01. Define the design objectives now and for the future;
    02. Use analysis to define what devices to focus on;
    03. Work collaboratively and closely across disciplines;
    04. Bearing in mind user experience;
    05. Prototype, test, and iterate.

  • Definition: Structural solution for mobile phone mechanical parts. For example, the place of camera, front and back shell,the thickness of the phone, the battery position, desirable place for card slots, and so on, the goal is to achieve the best terminal in both structure, aesthetics and convenient usability. A premium mobile terminal definitely deserves a superb MD and excellent MD would help a handset stand out in this highly competitive OEM market.
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  • The trends of Design in Mobile Devices:

    Industrial and software design are coming together to form a single unified design process. Nowadays, terminal functions are not only what mobile phone users care about, its design, both in industrial and mechanical aspects, are also being something manufacturers are weighing much on. Known as "the industrial design brain", Jonathan Ive is gaining lots of influence in this field because of his human interface design for iMac and iPhone, which is the best proof of this.