Display Technique Comparison

  • OGS: OGS touch screen is a kind of electronic products protecting screen that made by depositing an Indium tin oxide(ITO, used as electrodes to sense touch) layer on the back of the cover glass and pattern it to create the electrodes. One glass works as protector glass and touch sensor at the same time. OGS screen integrates protector glass with touch panel layer.

  • On-cell/In-cell: On-cell/In-cell technology refers to integrate touch panel and Liquid Crystal Display into a single-layer display. On-cell is to put the Indium tin oxide (ITO) touch panel on the glass layer of display panel; In-cell is to put the ITO touch panel under the glass layer of display panel and integrate with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).

On-cell, In-cell and OGS is the three most used screen display technique for OEM android smartphones. Comparing with each other, what advantages and disadvantages do they have?

Projectcacitive In-Cell/On-Cell OGS
Display Mode VA/IPS/TN mode Any
Touch Panel Stick CL+LCM LCM CL+LCM
Transparency/Opt,Perfomance O/◎ O/◎ ◎/◎
Column Spacer Life Danmage O
Array Design ,Process&Material Compiex Compiex Easy
Process Yieid Control O+
ME Thickness(Weight) O ◎+
sterength O+
ID 2D design O
2.5D design Development NA Develcpment
3D design Development NA Develcpment
Touch Function Muliti-Touch O    
Noise effect High High LOW
Input Device Finger O O
Stylus O
Customer Request Different outline
TP sensitivity O O
TP supply feasibility
Non-AA Touch(virtual key) O X
IC supply feasiblility O O
1"pixel accuracy
Oslim boarder O
Manufacture Efficiency
Touch Panel Support Size <10.1“ 2.X"~30"
Market Application   MP
△:bad   O:good   ◎better
Definition: in-cell > on-cell > OGS > G+G > G+F/G+F+F