Chinese OEM Manufacturers Factory List

Along with the exploration and development of cell phone business in China, it gradually forms the ODM/OEM cell phone industry that MTK, Spreadtrum and Qualcomm has become the core chipset suppliers for Chinese ODM/OEM manufacturers and factories, which expand into the international cell phone industry, at the same time satisfy domestic market. Here list main Chinese ODM/OEM manufacturers and factories.

  Company Name Location Type Platform Official Website

Shenzhen Along Electronic Co.,LTD Shenzhen ODM MTK
Ningbo Bird Co.,Ltd Ningbo ODM MTK
Shenzhen Boway Electronics Co., Ltd Shenzhen ODM MTK
Shenzhen Bestone Technology CO.,LTD Shenzhen  ODM/OEM MTK/
Basicom Group Co., LTD Shenzhen ODM/OEM MTK
Shenzhen, IFLY Communication Technology Co., Ltd shenzhen ODM MTK
Shenzhen Eastaeon Technology Co.,LTD shenzhen ODM Qualcomm/
TopWise Communication Co.,Ltd HK ODM/OEM Qualcomm/
DEWAV Technology Co.,Ltd Shanghai ODM/OEM MTK
Shanghai Techain Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai ODM MTK
Topwell Wireless Communications Co.,Ltd Shenzhen ODM MTK
Shenzhen Fise Information Technology Co., Ltd    Shenzhen ODM/OEM MTK
Shenzhen GOSO Technology Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen ODM MTK
Shenzhen GOCAN Technology Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen ODM/OEM MTK
Shenzhen Hui Ye Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen ODM/OEM Qualcomm/
Shanghai Huaqin Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd. Shanghai ODM MTK
Hongyu Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen ODM MTK
Shenzhen Hualu Technical Co., Ltd Shenzhen ODM MTK
  WLD Tchnology Co.Ltd Chengdu ODM MTK
Hisense Mobile Communications Technology Co., Ltd Qingdao ODM Qualcomm/
Hiflyway(Shanghai)Wireless Technologies Ltd Shanghai ODM Qualcomm/
Shenzhen Naide Communication Technology.Co.,Ltd. Shenzhem ODM MTK
  Shenzhen Gnote Technology Co.,Ltd Shenzhen ODM MTK
AGold Communication Co. Ltd Shanghai ODM MTK
Longcheer Holdings Ltd. Shanghai ODM Qualcomm/
Shenzhen Leatek technologies international
Shenzhen ODM MTK
Shanghai Ragentek Communication Co.,Ltd Shanghai ODM MTK
Shenzhen Sop Electronics Technology Group Shenzhen ODM Qualcomm/
Shenzhen COSHIP Electronic Co., Ltd Shenzhen ODM Qualcomm
Tinno Mobile Technology Corp Shenzhen ODM Qualcomm/
Shanghai TYD Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai ODM
  Shenzhen Taidaxun technology CO.,LTD Shenzhen ODM Qualcomm/
Water World Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen ODM Qualcomm/
Wingtech Group Limited Shenzhen ODM Qualcomm/
Shenzhen Vsun Communicaiton Technology Co.,Ltd Shenzhen ODM MTK/MSTAR
K-Free Technology Limited Shenzhen ODM MTK/
SIM Technology Group Limited Shanghai ODM MTK
 Newings Communication Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd Hangzhou ODM Qualcomm
Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific
(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen ODM MTK
Shanghai Uniscope Communication Technology
Shanghai ODM Qualcomm/
Shenzhen Unitone Electronic Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen ODM MTK
Far-Sighted Holding Group Co.,Ltd Shenzhen ODM MTK