After Sale Service

Warranty Terms
    Customer shall send the proper products which should be under warranty condition to the appointed service place for maintenance or repair. For those which are not under warranty condition, we will assist for fix. We only charge related material cost. All shippment is at customer's expense.
Details Terms For Service

    For product failure, within the scope of warranty repair to solve the problem. When feasible, we may try to through the network, telephone, or other remote help to diagnose and solve your product failure. If some problem by your own installation specified software update or replace a solution, we will guide you get and install such software updates or replacement parts. If the above method is not applicable to or can't solve the problem, we will arrange service to enjoy products according to the warranty service type. As you request the solution is beyond the scope of law or our commitment, you need to bear the corresponding service charge.

  • The warranty applies to all devices for a period of 12 month. The warranty period starts from the date of products received by customer. One order's quantity up to 3000 pcs, we will give 2% (except board, LCD, TP, Cameras) spare parts for free and will delivery it with the goods.
  • In line with replacement or repair of products, customer can return it to our designated address for a repalcement, when replacement host is faulty,the free replacement of the company with the specifications, the same type of host, faulty parts,the free repalcement parts.
  • Your valid warranty service is limited to the normal conditions of use. All man-made damege and it is one of the following situations mobile telephone products, not warranty will be repaird, but with paid maintence.

    A. Beyond the warranty period
    B. Demage caused by human factors, including abnormal operating conditions used, damage caused by not using appropriately according to the instruction manual etc.
    C. User privately disassemble, self-maintenace,modification, or by non-maintenance of the company UNPROFOR units.
    D. Damage cause by force majeure (such as floods, fires, earthquakes,lightning,ect)
    E. Product model, barcode inconsistent or altered
    F. Product matural wear and tear(such as: housing,keypad, display,antenna,accessories, ect.)
    G. The causes of non-company failures, defects or flaws.
    H. Barcode labeing and warranty(fragile stickers) damaged, illegible

  • Others
  • A, Cosmetic damage(wear, scratches, etc.) will not enjoy repalcement service
    B, Due to network, wireless information service providers(carriers) caused by the fault is not covered under warranty

  • Water or serious damage to the machine repair man, you are required to Division I first signed on the requester service centre maintenance agreement
  • All during the warranty period to be down for parts, components and accessories owned by the conpany
Repair and take the machine Precautions

Customer will need to be replaced or repaired before the machine send to the Division I,need to carefully fill in “Repair Form” or “Replacement form”, and fill out the requested information effectively (IMEI,No. CI number ,symptoms etc.)

Before you send the machine, first have to store all the information and data ( such as: phone numbers, text message, pictures, etc.) on their own after the backup deleted to avoid lost in testing, repairs, damage or leaks. In any case, our servise centre and its staff shall not bear for you to back up or restore data information and the responsibiloties and obligations, as well as information and is not respondsible for data loss, damage or any onsequences caused by leaks. Please save your information and data stored legitimacy.

Our company reserve all the right for the final explanation.