• Picture of Listen 1(bluetooth headset)
  • Picture of Listen 1(bluetooth headset)
  • Picture of Listen 1(bluetooth headset)
  • Picture of Listen 1(bluetooth headset)
  • Picture of Listen 1(bluetooth headset)
  • Picture of Listen 1(bluetooth headset)
  • Picture of Listen 1(bluetooth headset)
  • Picture of Listen 1(bluetooth headset)

Wireless bluetooth sport headset listen1

Specifications for bluetooth headset listen 1


Oem Listen 1


Striking Green/Enchanting Red

Wearing Type



USB Micro

Frequency response


Talk time


Music Time


Standy time


Charging time


Battery Capacity


Bluetooth chip


Bluetooth distance



  • 1.Magnetic on-off key with super advanced technology

  • Abandon the traditional way of repeated presses to turn on/off. Listen 1 uses the creative Magnetic mechanism on/off design, hoping to bring you simplicity and ease. A slight adsorption or seperation will enable you to experience the magic technology of magnetic mechanism on/off.

  • 2.Magnetic design makes it easier

  • After pulling off, it can be used as a neck decoration hangings without worry of falling from your neck; the device is anti-allergic, anti-falling type of silicone, meets the ergonomic, and brings comfortable experience.

  • 3.Delivers the most authentic sound quality

  • Highly sensitive speaker, fairly vigorous low pttch, extraordinarily magnetic drumbeat strong explosiveness, independent sound cavity structure effectively seperates tiie sound disturbances before and after workout.

  • 4.High fidelity sound quality promises you the purest music.

  • Independent sound cavity design helps mask the unwanted disturbing sound, keep it authentic to the origlnal.and bring out the purity. Fine sound seperation, 3 bands performance, natural sound f!owt makes for distinctive and rich details. Vigorous and alive low-pitch, sonorous and forceful alto voice, clear and penetrating high-pitch performance.

  • 5.Private custom wear experience

  • Comfortably fit with your ears, according to ergonomic principles. Ear support and Inorganic silicon earmuffs are specially designed to fit the ear auricle and canal, allowing you to wear it long time without concerns for ear health issue.

  • 6.lOS battery indication, more intuitive.

  • Listen 1. earphone’s battery status will be shown on the status bar of Apple devices, which would serve as a reminder to get the earphone charged and thus save you from the disappointment of power-off when you are in need of some music as refreshment.

  • 7.What you need is far more than just some background music.

  • What you need is rhythm, sensation, and passion. Listen 1. powers a hifi micro speaker, and a unique sound cavity design, arid DSP digital signal process lechnique, all of these make a device with low-pitch vigorous, alto voice distinctive1 high-pitch wide. It delivers not only hi-fi to every detail, but also a more spacious sound range. You’ll be feeling so alive eniersed in such boundless music field.

  • 8.Hide drive-by-wire system, achieve balance and aesthetic

  • Abandon the traditional wire-drive way. avoid unbalance due to different side weights. Drive the earphone by the stereo button on the top of the right part.

  • 9.Comfortably fit with ear canal, easily wearable

  • Ergonomics designing, soft silicon ear support, plus side in-ear structure along will enable you to do strenuous exercise without concern of earphone falling. Perfect ear support fits stably with the ear contour, ensure you won't be bothered by constant earphone falling during all kinds of exercises.

  • 10.As light as a coin

  • Perfect balance of craftsmanship and user experience is vital for a sport earphone, Listen l's 3 parts structure is combined with a silicon cover, sport-level light plastics, super light aviation class aluminum, each part is slightly lighter, one side earphone weight is equal to a coin. All is for the sake of less burden to the ears, and conducive to mobility and agility in sports.

  • 11.A variety of charming color options

  • Get rid of traditional black and white dull coloring, choose the most dynamic green and red, fit for all, present irresistible beauty.

  • 12.Bluetooth 4.1 high resolution voice talk

  • 3s enable connection, 1 press answering. BT4.1 technology helps cancel noises, improve voice talk quality. You may enjoy a pleasant talk with friends as long as it is within connection distance. *To optimize its performance, please do make sure no obstacles between sport earphone and bluetooth device.

  • 13.Compatible with various devices and systems

  • Compatible with 99% of the electronics with BT function, work with WP / Android / iOS systems. Let's not set limitation to our entertainment, let's enjoy music with boundless freedom.

What in the package?

1 x Listen Wireless Bluetooth Headset
1 x Usb cable
2 x ear top
3 x Pair of Earmuffs
1 x English user manual

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