Elephone helio x20 flagships R9 -multi-functional home button with E-touch 2.0

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Elephone has received much attention because of it's new helio x20 mobile phones,elephone r9 and elephone has been a great success since it's released.Elephone whole new dual flagship mobile phone s7&r9 be equipped with powerful helio x20 chipest,and super convenient multi functional home key with the new features of E-touch 2.0.

helio x20 mobile phone r9 multi functional buttom

Gentle touch : back key;
Double gentle Touch / Press the Home button once: home key;
Press the Home key twice: shortcut key;
Long press on the home key: Recent taskbars .

All E-touch 2.0 features and fingerprint recognition system will be ga
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Wireless bluetooth speaker B1 customized label server from elephone oem team,more portable,more pure voice, Free your ears.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

This portable wireless bluetooth speaker internal modeled B1 on availabel from elephone oem team who's office website is bluetooth speaker B1 suport provides custom label service s by elephone oem team for business.this amazing portable wireless bluetooth speaker with small boby has a huge capacity,to bring you more pure voice and completely free your ears.Let you totally immersed in the music can get completely detail and inquire for the price by fill out the

portable wirelss bluetooth speaker

The following list show some features of portable wireless bluetooth speaker

1.High qua


wireless bluetooth   bluetooth speaker   portable bluetooth speaker

Elephone s7 MTK helio x20 mobile phone functions video

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

With Elephone S7 labeled elephone logo for individual going into presale on elephone brand offical website ,we are feeling more and more exclusive awesome popularity from this phone that equipped with X20 chip and comes with 4 GB of RAM+64GB of ROM,innovative, fully functional buttons,and so on.Elephone s7 provided original private-label services with customized label also for business by elephone oem team.

elephone s7 functions
Elephone has exposured lots of new functions about S7 to help those people who was interested in elephone s7 to think more deeply about this product b
Elephone showing some other


elephone s7   Helio X20   4GB of RAM

Wireless charger for QI enable device availabled on Elephone OEM team now

Monday, November 7, 2016

I have a good news to tell your guys,Original wireless charger QI enable device and or device equipment with QI compatible cover availabled on elephone OEM team now, Ask for a quote and Geting this glitzy wireless charger with own label for youre business from elephone oem team website.

wireless charger oem

Just place devices with Qi-Enabled in the charging area, then you are free to enjoy your wireless and limitless charging experience.Anti-Slip pad ensures safety for your device during charging.There is some of the new features for wireless charger below:

Friendly LED Indicator Lights. Input: 5V/2A;


Congratulations on the Big Office Move of Elephone

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Elephone will keep moving and providing more better smartphones to our loyal customers, and we hereby would love to

express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your continuous attention and big support since the beginning.

New offcie of elephone

No matter where our office locates, we will be here with you .

Please have more faith in us and stay with us .

Have a nice day!

new office for elephone

Elephone R9 specs overview and elephone R9 video introduction.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Elephone R9 who is one of the flagship mobile phone new generation from Elephone as stunning as Elephone s7,There are many common features between elephone R9 and elephone the extreme performance with Helio x20 deca core processor,the convenient& fast multi functional E-touch 2.0,the fingerprint model,stunning screen and so so much.there are also a lot of different bewteen elephone s7 and elephone r9,Especially in the treatment process of the fuselage, and the appearance.Now elephon

Elephone R9 spces overview:

All-metal framework; MTK helio x20 chipest(deca corCompl...

Elephone s7 video introduction (elephone s7 specs overview)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I want to show you tyhe most popular mobile phone elephone s7 specs and elephone s7 video introduction today.

Presale opens for Elephone s7 on official website,over 400000 customers have made appointment successfully,more detail and reserve most popular new elephone dual flagship s7 and r9,following the presale activities page on elephone brand website.

S7 with yours own label customized for business are availabled on elephone OEM team.founding out elephone s7 specs,Geting quote for OEM s7 mobile phone.Geting own label elephone s7 as yours brand

Elephone s7&customized priv


Top popular mobile phone at hk electronices exhibition 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hong Kong Electronics exhibition Show is in full swing,The ehthusiasm of participants is irresistible in spite of the rain.we summarize the show's top popular mobile phones at elephone's booth,based on the feedback of the the scene of consumers.

top popular mobile phone

Top popular phones: The helio x20 chipest mobile phone s7 and Elephone R9.

top popular mobile phone s7 top papular mobile phone r9

S7 and R9 are the new helio x20 flagship mobile phone from Elephone.Both of they equipped with the most powerful performance Media Tek high-end chipset helio x20 MT6797M Deca-core Soc( 2x Cortex-A72 @ 2.1GHz 4x Cortex-A53 @ 1.85G

A list of the key new features below

E-touch 2



Elephone flagship phone R9,Power by Helio x20 chipset

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

As we all know, competition in smart phone market has been a race to the bottom and a climb to the top - of price and features. However fierce it is, Elephone always adheres to its value and culture: to make excellent technology accessible and affordable. To achieve excellence, we are in continuous attempt for technical aesthetics and applicable breakthroughs, such as bezel-less display, dual camera(Model M4), glare backcover(elephone s7) and jet black(elephone dual flagship S7 and elephone R

r9 black oem

I am very eager to share with you that what you want to know about one of the fl

A list of features



Photo show about elephone and his OEM team in hk mobile electronices exhibition 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hello, Today is the frist day of the Global soures mobile electronnice exhibition who is one of the world's largest electronics sourcing show,located at Asiaworld expo in hk,Local time is 18/Oct/2016.

hk exhibition show

Elephone and his OEM team(Cnoemphone team)who supply professional customized label and customized mobile phone service are participating in this grand elecltronices exhibition.Elephone smart phone was a lot of customers of all ages on the world,Brought together a lot of consumers come here especially in Elephone and his OEM tea

The most popular smart phone from elephone contaS7 page;R...

hk global electronics exhibition   Photo show