White Label Android Phone Makers – An Important Role in China Mobile Phone Industry and Global Smartphone Development

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Latest White-label Android Phones of 2015


M9000 Latest White-label Android Phones

M5100 Plus

M5100 PLUS  


Exactly what is a 'White Label Product'

A white label product is a goods made by one company which is packaged and marketed by other enterprises under different brandnames. The final product looks as if it's being produced by the seller, when actually it's being made by the producing company.

In this instance, the maker will be able to focus on producing the service or product and center on cost reductions, instead of bothering with promoting, which can be dealt with by the vendors which will market the goods.

Digesting 'White Label Product'

 A typical illustration of a white label goods can be seen in your nearby super market. You perhaps have observed that a great number of retail stores get their unique brand-name items, which generally offer for sale for a cheap price when compared with some other well recognized brands. The store-brand product is in fact made by a making company which sticks the store's brand label on the end item in an effort to let buyers believe that it has been made by the seller.


White Label Android Phone Makers

To make global buyers know more about China's mobile phone market, we today will introduce an important role for ever-growing world’s smartphone business – China white label Android phone makers, who were once called “shanzhai” before they transferred successfully from old business pattern to new brand way with white label smartphone services.

Just as all things from new to mature, China mobile phone industry has experienced several periods: the original manufacturing-only time, the chaos “shanzhai” and fake phones time, and the matured phone brands time. According to market researcher CanalysI, in 2011, just two of the top 10 smartphone makers in China were Chinese: Huawei and Lenovo. But in 2014, eight of the top 10 were Chinese; Samsung and Apple were the only foreign holdouts. Now in the 2015, 7 of top 10 smartphone OEMs are based in China: Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, ZTE, Alcatel, Vivo and OPPO.

However, the development of China mobile phone industry not only brings Chinese big smartphone brands, but also creates a large number of white label Android smartphone makers that are well-known in regions and countries where uses mainly the low and medium smartphones. Today, we will introduce some top white label Android phone makers and their latest smartphones. And we will also review some of the smartphones from these Android phone makers and recommend smartphones alike for B2B buyers who are searching phones for their own brands in the following articles.



ELEPHONE was established in Shenzhen, China at the end of 2006. Their goal is to let the people around the world have an opportunity to use Chinese smartphones and the slogan is “Keep expecting and be surprised”, so they focus on the phone’s research and development to provide global customers a better user experience at best price. Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world, Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.

Referring to its smartphone models, just as its slogan says, this phone maker always tries to offer smartphones with new technique. Last Friday, it releases the first 2016 flagship – Elephone P9000, which is a unique bezel-less smartphone with MediaTek Helio P10 processor.

The active formers of P9000 are P8000, P7000, P6000 Pro. Besides the P series, the Android phone maker has a M series as well: M3, M2, M1 with metal body; and the new product series: Vowney, Trunk, S2 / S2 Plus, etc.,



DOOGEE was founded in March 2013, and is the third self-owned brand of KVD International Group Limited. DOOGEE advocates "QUALITY and EXPERIENCE", and achieves total control over every industry process from product design to production. DOOGEE products are designed to give the product soul, combining sublime design with intelligent and smart operation. DOOGEE aspires to deliver an extraordinary experience across its entire product line.

Doogee also has many popular smartphones, like Doogee F3 Pro, which has a narrow bezel as well. This white label Android phone maker has five series: F series (F5, F3 and F3 Pro), X series (X6 Pro, X6, X5 Pro, X5, X3), DG series (DG800, DG550, Dg280), T series (T6), Y series (Y200, Y100 Plus, Y100X, Y100 Pro).



LEAGOO is a star brand owned by OTEDA Group Holding Limited. To supply high quality smartphone and excellent using experience, OTEDA team, which relies on the rich experience in mobile communication industry, set up a new smartphone brand - LEAGOO in April, 2014. Based on the research & development advantages and supply chain resources, OTEDA team spare no effort to build LEAGOO as a well-known international brand in smart device and smart ecosystem.

Leagoo is also a productive white label Android phone maker, with three series until now: Lead series (Lead 1, 3, 4, 5, 7); Alfa series (Alfa 1, 2, 4, 5, 6); Elite series (Elite 1, 2, 5, 6, Y).

Above are top 3 smartphone makers in the list, the complete list should have more white label Android phone makers and we will update the list occasionally. Have you find one that you might have heard before? Or if your favorite white label Android phone makers is not in the list, please tell us or leave its name in the comment.


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