What is 3D Touch?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

After Apple announced the new generation iPhone – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in their fall launch on September 12th, the news about new iPhone spread out all over the world. Though new iPhone does not change a lot in both appearance and functions, only adding an additional color – rose golden for choice and a handful of new phone techniques, many people highly praised new iPhone for 3D touch, which is a new technique applied in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and absolutely would be used more and more by other smartphone suppliers like Samsung and Xiaomi.

What is 3D touch and why so many people give high praise to it? There must be some reason that people love this new feature.

About 3D touch

It is a new technique that slightly different and more advanced than Force Touch that can understand how hard you press and lets you do new actions on your smartphone or watch. 3D touch is more sensitive to understanding different levels of pressure as well as gestures and offer more haptic feedback.

Peak and pop are the two most used gestures in 3D touch. "Peek" is essentially previewing a link or information without going directly to the app or webpage itself. If you get a link in a text, you can press on it and see what awaits you. You can also use “peek” to quickly view an Email but not really open it and the email will still remain unread so that you won’t miss it. When you're using "peek," you can just apply more pressure and you'll "pop" into the full version of the app. pressing on any app, a variety of shortcuts will appear for your actions.

3d touch

How does 3D touch work?

3D touch is actually a technology of Smart phone screen. And here is the work principle: At its heart are capacitive sensors that are integrated into the backlight. With pressure microscopic changes between the cover glass and backlit are measured, combined with the touch sensor and accelerometer, this should offer accurate pressure response.

Haptic feedback is also more accurate. In a normal phone there are about 10 oscillations to reach peak. The new iPhone 6s and iPhong 6s Plus reaches peak in 1 cycle and stops as fast – meaning more accurate feedback – a mini tap lasts 10ms or a full lasting 15ms.

3D touch is absolutely an excellent technology continues to make our lives easier and it definitely will be copied by other mobile phone manufacturers and brands in the near future.

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