Upcoming 2016 Bezelless Smartphone – Elephone P9000 Edge and Ulefone Future

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List of smartphone with bezelless display (or super narrow bezel)

Update: Elephone S3 with bezelless display is now available on elephone . Hk the official online store. Elephone P9000 Edge is still on the way. Ulefone Future is now available.

Update: Another upcoming Elephone device - Elephone S3 is going to launch to be added to the bezelless smartphones list. Besdies the bezel-less edge-to-edge 5.2 inch display, Elephone S3 also has a beautiful design with metal unibody.

Not as some big Chinese brand names like Huawei, ZTE or Xiaomi, Elephone is a relatively smaller China manufacturer but still has its own market world widely, Europe countries for example. As one of China white label Android phone makers, Elephone has released a series of popular smartphones and last Friday on January 15, it has announced its flagship smartphone for 2016, a narrow bezel phone - P9000 and its P9000 Lite siblings at their recent press event in China. Of course, Elephone has also confirmed that they’re going to announce the Helio P10-powered P9000 Edge variant in the future.

Update: Another Elephone 2016 bezelless smartphone, Elephone S3 is coming to lift its veil to users with new features like Metal unibody and 2.5D glass touch screen. And Elephone positions this bezelles smartphone with a top-notch appearance to enter full metal design smartphone rankings.

Even P9000 and P9000 Edge are in the same series, the latter phone seems to be more appealing than the former one since Elephone P9000 Edge comes with the edge-to-edge display. Today we would like to review this bezelless smartphone. Even the price has not yet announced, the specifications are approximately to P9000, according to GizmoChina. And we will compare Elephone P9000 Edge with another phone from another China phone maker that uses bezelless technique as well – Ulefone Future.



Elephone P900 Edge Overview

Needless to say, Elephone P9000 Edge looks pretty good, a beautiful design, bezeless display, perfectly curved edges and a metal middle frame and a matte finish back cover, all makes Elephone P9000 Edge an elegant high-end smartphone.

P9000 Edge

Elephone P9000 Edge Review: Design

Even Elephone P9000 Edge aims at top-end smartphone market, the design is really simple. On the face shell is the 5.5-inch screen with edge-to-edge display and two black bars at the top and bottom, and there is only one white Home button in the middle of bottom black bar, much more simple than three-buttons for most Android smartphones. The back cover is made with plastic, but with a matte finish technique, which makes Elephone P9000 Edge feel really good when holding it at hand. In accordance with the simple design, there are only rear camera and LED flash and the Laser AutoFocus at the back. And the fingerprint sensor, which is commonly seen at the back or front of a phone, moves to the right side of this bezel-less smartphone, along with the power button at the same side. The fingerprint button can be used for controling the volume as well. On the other side, there are the multifunciton (Mute) button and the SIM card slot. On the top side is the headphone jack and on the bottom side is the USB Type-C port.

The design of Elephone P9000 Edge is absolutely excellent. The metal middle frame is made with Aluminium alloy with CNC technique and it is much lighter and harder than general metal frame.

Elephone P9000 Edge Review: Display

Top-notch display makes Elephone P9000 Edge stand out from the crowd, and bezel-less is the most obvious eye-catching feature when you see Elephone P9000 Edge at the first sight. Of course, there should be more impressive details of the 5.5-inch FHD screen for digging into. The first point is the screen-to-body ratio, which is at least 82% for Elephone P9000 Edge. (As the 82% screen-to-body ratio is for Elephone P9000 on its official site and the Edge variant must be bigger than that). Besides, the screen of Elephone P9000 Edge comes from LG with LTPS materials, along with the OGS full lamination technique, both touch screen techniques provide this bezel-less phone a thinner screen that will have a more gorgeous color saturation, as much as 93% NTSC.

P9000 Edge Display

P9000- Display

Elephone P9000 Edge Review: Hardware and Performance

It is confirmed that Elephone P9000 Edge will be equipped with a powerful 64-bit octa-core Helio P10 processor - MediaTek MT6755, which is more smooth and stable as well as has less power consumption and supposed to be adopted in most high-end China Android smartphones. The true octa core MT6755 processor combines with the ARM Mali-T860 GPU, and this makes Elephone P9000 Edge has an easy and high performance in multitasking and dealing with complex graphics apps and games. Coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory, Elephone P9000 Edge not only provides a fluent and efficient user experience, but also offers a really large storage for images, videos and documents.

Elephone P9000 Edge Review: Camera

Strong horse with strong saddle. The Elephone P9000 Edge features a 21-megapixels camera with Sony IMX230 sensor which has a rumored black-technology function – Phase Difference Auto Focus (PDAF), and Laser AutoFocus and a double-LED flash. We don’t have tested the photo function of Elephone P9000, but we can see the photo effects from LeTV Max, which uses Sony IMX230 sensor for its camera as well. And the front camera is still up to 8 MP megapixels with 84-degree wide angle.

LeTV - Sony IMX230 Sensor Camera

Image from Phonearena: LeTV - Sony IMX230 Sensor Camera 

Elephone P9000 Edge Review: Advanced Features

Designed for top-end markets, Elephone P9000 Edge itself has many advanced features:

NFC: the built-in NFC function of Elephone P9000 Edge will offer the users an easy, safe and quick communication.

Quick Charge Technology: Elephone P9000 Edge powers with a 3000mA capacity battery, not as big as Oukitel K10000, but it features a Quick Charge Technology that will take only 10 minutes to charge for 3-hour talking time.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Of course, Elephone P9000 Edge will run the latest Android OS – Marshmallow, among the 89 smartphones with this version of mobile phone OS.

And it is said that Elephone P9000 Edge will cover America 4G networks frequencies, while most China Android 4G smartphones do not as usual.


Ulefone Future

Price Updates:

-20160624 http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_351834.html $299.99 US dollars in stock

Another bezel-less smartphone is the Ulefone Future and below are some of specifications of Ulefone Future highlights below:

  • Helio P10 (MT6755) 2GHz 64bit octa-core processor
  • 5.5-inch screen, Metal uni-body, right-side fingerprint sensor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal memory
  • 20 mega-pixel camera with Sony IMX230 sensor (unconfirmed)
  • Android 6.0 or CyanogenMOD

It seems that Ulefone Future just follows the step of Elephone P9000 Edge, with most same features till now. However, we can’t find more features of Ulefone Future, as this rumored bezelless smartphone has not yet officially announced, and the above table of specifications comes from GizChina. And if you know more about Ulefone Future bezelles smartphone, let us know in the comments below. Of course, if you want to relabel OEM smartphones with your company logo, you can view this narrow bezel phone like P9000 - M9000 and contact our professional consultants.

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