There are two new mediatek of P series,New 12nm series will update next year

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

   July 31, MediaTek reported earnings of Q2, official data showed, MTK Q2 revenue this year of about NT $ 58.08 billion yuan, quarter by 3.6%, the annual reduction of nearly 2 percent, but Q2 gross margin rebounded, reaching 35%, MediaTek newly appointed co-CEO Rick Tsai position, in the second half of this year and help new market next year, MediaTek mobile phone chip business might stop the tide, to achieve a stable gross margin.

   In this law, he said at the meeting, MediaTek will respect cloth some news about new products, such as next year, or is expected to enter 7nm, the baseband chip Cat.10 start, etc. In addition, helio P series will also have a new product line, the industry informed sources emit more detailedly information. 

 Somebody release on the microblogging more comprehensive information on MediaTek's latest plan, first process technology, because the first to 10nm lead to many problems, MediaTek Next on the process seems to have become more cautious. Informed sources said that the focus of MediaTek mobile phone chip this year is still 16nm and 28nm, but also the introduction of new manufacturing process, the upper half of next year will focus on force 12nm, 12nm process currently used in research and development of products have been among. Another person, MediaTek also at 7nm, but MediaTek will no longer rush to promote grab the first episode, is expected to be applied to the X series 7nm new body (if not yet recognized as helio X40), the official launch time is probably the second half of next year. 

  Second, the source also disclosed the latest news about helio P series of new products, helio P series of new products in the second half of this year there will be 2 models available, helio P23 is expected to be one of them Meanwhile, news that the helio P30 is also expected to be listed during the year, this SOC possibility of using 16nm + 10 core this match. Helio P series next year will launch at least two or more new models, do not rule out the possibility of using more advanced technology manufacturing process (such as 12nm).

   Finally, pass the message on more than MediaTek will join former COO Zhu Shangzu a domestic mobile phone brands, such as MediaTek official sources alleged that, Zhu Shangzu and will not join the domestic mobile phone brand, but transferred to MediaTek senior adviser. 

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