Next-generation flagship smart phone elephone s8,triple bezel less,MTK high-end processor Helio x27or Helio x30,Standard 128 ROM memory

Friday, December 9, 2016

    Are you still waiting for the revolutionary but unavailable Xiaomi Mix? The triple bezel-less design is so stunning, but there are just 2 companies--Sharp and Xiaomi has actually taken it into reality. Now, believe it or not, the THIRD smartphone with triple-bezel-less display in the world is coming, From ELEPHONE!!!

    It will not only be"triple-bezel-less", but also "triple-curved", to make sure the could be almost invisible, and the vision could be incredible broad.

    Elephone S8 will also come with 128G large memory, we are going to apply users' feedback about S7 to perfectly design S8. The back cover will be more perfect. The model S8 will also inherit the advantages of S7, to perform as awesomely as it looks. Moreover, the design of the camera and the fingerprint sensor on this model will be the breaking innovation worldwide. 

    In terms of the processor, Elephone S8 comes loaded with the Deca-core Helio X27 processor, which is one of the best high-end processors of MTK so far. Compared with the Helio X25 version, this new-developed processor can achieve 2.6 GHz with the main core, and take the clock speed of the GPU into a new level--875MHz. Besides, the software and algorithm for cooperative scheduling of CPU/GPU is significantly improved. The overall performance of the processor has been enhanced by 20% at least.

    Such a perfect model with so many advanced technologies together, which price range will it be ?

    Let's waiting and see!

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