Top 7 Smartphone Trends in 2016: VR, faster LTE, powerful Chip and more

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With the gradual maturity of the mobile industry chain, the threshold of the smartphone is becoming more and more low, experience also began gradually homogeneity. In order to show more new selling points, mobile phone manufacturers have to muster all his strength. This year, the smart phone in the interactive, fun and intelligence will be on a higher level.

In the high-end market, the smartphone will build on the virtual reality hot anomaly of hitching a ride, besides, with the seamless joint between the PC and the introduction of 4k entertainment will also become the main event. And in the low-end market, cheap smartphones can also use high-resolution screen, the graphics card and a network connection performance will greatly increase.The following is the top 7 smartphone trends that are most worth looking forward in 2016:

Virtual and augmented reality

With the release of various types of VR headset devices, smart phones have become one of the entrances of the virtual world. This year, the association and the Google cooperation Project Tango will make VR experience to the next level, to provide users with more abundant data information.

In addition, Tango phones’ sensors will track the user's movements and gestures like Microsoft Kinect, the phone also has an indoor navigation. In the future, Tango mobile phones will also play their role in engineering and medical fields. It is reported that the phone will be officially listed in the middle of this year, priced at $650. But the good news is that developers can buy cheap mobile phones Tango, Intel specifically introducedsoftware development kit and 3D camera bundles, priced at just $ 399.

High-speed wireless Internet

With the speeding up of 4g network construction, the smartphone speed limit has been refreshed. On the MWC 2016, we see many flagship model with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, the processor integrates the latest LTE technology, duplink speed can reach 150Mbps, downlink speed can reach 150Mbps.

The processor will fully support latest LTE - U technology,to solve the current network speed, capacity, and the contradiction of user demand for equipment, to achieve the integration between LTE and Wi-Fi.  In addition, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is also equipped with WiGig technology, users can easily transfer large files quickly at home (three times faster than the existing 802.11ac).

Cognitive computing

This year, Qualcomm will vigorously promote the machine learning applications on the phone. The company said the phone with Qualcomm processor can learn the user's habits through analysis and identification of the user's voice, location, pictures and other data. The cognitive computing power from qualcomm Zeroth neural chip, through the special algorithm and circuit, smartphones image recognition ability will be stronger in the future.

More powerful graphics chip

For now, the smart phone has become the center of home entertainment, with the development of virtual reality and 4k entertainment, more powerful graphics chip has also been put on the agenda. High-end phones will fully support 4k playback, users can be in the mobile video and project the game on TV for the whole family entertainment.

More gorgeous screen

Screen can be said that the most important parts of the smart phone, the 2K screen will become standard of high-end machine in this year, its beautiful degree also reached an unprecedented height. In addition, Morgan Stanley analysts believe that in the next two years we will usher in a foldable OLED screen, at this year's CES, LG showed an OLED screen can be rolled freely. 

USB Type-C and other hardware upgrade

This year USB - Type-C interface will have a large outbreak, both high-end, middle range and low-end phones will fully change the interface. In addition, new interfaces can solve problems connection problems between smartphones with monitor or external storage. Samsung is specially developed a portable SSD, after connect via USB - Type-C, android phones can become large hard drive.

Faster processor

How can improve hardware performance without processor? This year, the processor will be big breakthrough in the process, the chip will become smaller, with more powerful and more power. In addition, some smart phones will be equipped with low-power DDR4 memory, the data transfer speed will be increased dramatically.

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