Top 15 Newest Mobile Black Technologies Revealed on MWC 2016 (Part II)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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Yesterday, we have just talked about the first part of top 15 newest mobile black technologies revealed on MWC 2016 with first 5 black technologies. Today, we would like to introduce the other 10 black technologies as below.

6th Black Technology: Predictive Hybrid Autofocus

Talked about Samsung focus technology, we have to talk about the SONY Xperia X series “Predictive Hybrid Autofocus”. Samsung, LG and SONY are focusing on technology in the recent years diligently study, 0.03 s fastest phase focus, laser focus, hybrid technology focus, and this year's total pixels dual-core hurtling focus and predictive hybrid autofocus.

 Sony Hybrid Focusing Technology

SONY Xperia Z5 series hybrid focusing technology

Comparing SONY Xperia Z5 series and SONY Xperia X series two focusing techniques, which can be seen as SONY further image field of black technology transplanted into the practice of smartphones. As early as the SONY Xperia Z5 in 0.03 s focus speed has been able to achieve the fastest, as the essay told earlier, focusing system focus speed is mainly determined by the focus on the amount and type of, although SONY's official website did not give a specific value, foreign media exposure SONY may have adopted the 192 focus, undoubtedly have begun to catch up with their own micro single in the field of digital camera. And predictions on the SONY Xperia X series type hybrid autofocus technology, according to SONY, to be able to predict in advance what to focus the trajectories of objects, thus more quickly and more accurately focus on objects. Compared to SONY Xperia Z5 series and ordinary smartphone those track focus technology definitely better.

 Sony 4D

Sony’s 4D Autofocus

SONY from rising smartphone to focus, passively track focus subject, and then to now through black initiative to predict the movement trajectory of the subject of science and technology, so as to lock the focus ahead of time, this design train of thought of from passive to active fans can boast again and proud for some time. 

7th Black Technology: SmartSensor chip image stabilization technology

Then we talk about OPPO imaging techniques, compared with Samsung, SONY, Nokia, apple achievement in the field of cameras, four international companies OPPO in imaging system of innovation is also not inferior. N years ago, the main beauty take the OPPO mobile phone already can achieve real-time skin care function, after the girls set Pose, can through the phone internal prediction algorithm, for the simulation of the sister good skin care after state, reflect real time on the phone's screen, if not satisfied, girls can change skin care model in advance, thereby reducing the number of photos after a large number of cuts pictures.

After the launch of the PI original painting engine, it became OPPO flagship machine killer, can through the ribbon color night shot, light painting and long exposure, super clear picture quality, super macro and flash, and other functions, comprehensive imaging optimization and take pictures for consumers. Super clear picture quality, 50 million pixels in the OPPO Find 7 comes as has to show for OPPO technology accumulation in the field of imaging system. After the OPPO R7 proposed global flash system, emphasizes the camera start fast, fast and imaging capability of the second "fast and steady" the core idea, also get a lot of repercussions in the field of smartphones.

And OPPO N series rotating camera and Germany Schneider optical lens module are OPPO black in the field of imaging technology, while OPPO didn’t launch new models on the MWC 2016 but still gives us SmartSensor image stabilization technology chip.

Don't know if readers have found that OPPO whole series of smartphones, basically can't find a carry optical image stabilization lens group of aircraft, including the flagship, OPPO is actually want to traditional optical image stabilization technology available until after the improvement to the satisfaction. OPPO on MWC 2016 introduction, the current mainstream OIS optical image stabilization technology belong to a more traditional techniques, such as large volume, precision, low power consumption big faults, and OPPO SmartSensor image chip image anti-shake technique is made optimization to solve these problems.

The technique is OPPO imaging laboratory with OPPO MEMS Drive company with great concentration of investment cooperation, after years of research and development, in simple terms is three-axis stabilization technology, realize the Pitch Roll axis and Yaw axis and the center of rotation shaft axis three dimensions of jitter compensation. Dimension problem in millet mobile phone may have introduced many, let's talk about the other highlights, this is the image anti-shake technique, and the chip level higher precision in image stabilization effect.

Traditional lens moving accuracy for 3 ~ 5 microns, SmartSensor image chip image anti-shake technique precision is 0.3 microns, and our daily access to the camera sensor, HTC UltraPixel unit pixel area of 2 microns, is one of the more big, the above mentioned IMX260 samsung S7 is 1.4 microns, mainstream those 13 million megapixel camera are about 1.12 microns, the lens movement precision of traditional 3 ~ 5 microns have exceeded those sensor unit pixel area, OPPO SmartSensor precision are basically less than them. SmartSensor to induction, in other words, the minimum jitter amplitude and correct, basically less than those mentioned above a single pixel sensor area, in other words, this is the first time in the industry of pixel level image anti-shake technique.

 OPPO smartsensor

OPPO Smartsensor 

We usually enlarge with the optical image stabilization technology mobile phone photo taken, also found that some details, or a fuzzy feeling, but SmartSensor with precision higher pixel level image anti-shake technique, can make further to eliminate this kind of fuzzy feeling, at the same time, the technology of only 15 ms response time, compared with the traditional lens 50 ms shorten a lot. Moreover, because the technology improved the stabilization element volume, effectively reduce the lens heating phenomenon, but also reduce the power consumption. 

8th Black Technology: dual cameras

Dual cameras are not appeared for the first time on MWC 2016 technology, but after these years of development, a lot of changes in the double camera technique. From HTC One (M8) above the "main camera + deputy camera" design, to Honor6 Plus "bionic parallel dual cameras" design, from the second camera can only record "depth" role to upgrade to the two cameras can work at the same time to participate in imaging. To the later, 360 QKU cell phone dual cameras on the division of labor cooperation, by a record color pixel information, the way of information, a record of black and white pixels make up 40% final image into the light and the noise reduced by 78%.

LG V10, LG will forward two camera designs, imaging independently between two cameras, suitable for different scenarios, daily record since the standard camera, the behavior of the young couple money bask in happiness. Wide Angle lens can be so useful when groups take selfie.

 LG G5 Dual cameras

LG G5 Double main cameras

Now that LG G5 and dual cameras back to the back of the fuselage, similar to the LG V10 is designed, the two cameras is 8 million pixels wide Angle lens (138 °) respectively and 16 million pixels (78 ° standard lens), although not as common as the above mentioned camera to complete the imaging process, but the LG this design can let consumers who like to change the lens design quite a surprise, especially want to both high pixel standard lens, and want to plug the big scene according to the sort of about 10 ~ 12 mm to 35 mm equivalent focal length lens users. As is known to all, today's cell phones than SLR camera there is no shortage of optical image stabilization phase, such as optical zoom technology focus, is lack of replacement of mobile phone camera.  

9th Black Technology: infrared thermal imaging Smartphones

In the field of Caterpillar engineering machinery companies in the United States for professional users, developed a support infrared thermal imaging phone - CATS60, embedded front infrared lens, can capture real-time thermal imaging, measuring surface temperature, aims to help firefighters and other professionals observation smoke in life, whether overheating in the property, equipment, or, if there is a flaw in thermal insulation systems, etc.

 Cat S60


10th Black Technology: Dynamic Panorama

Samsung Galaxy S7 still exist on a program called "dynamic panoramic" function, at ordinary times we somewhere in Google maps, Baidu map browsing the street view panorama of time ever think, one day, we also can DIY the panorama, Samsung on MWC 2016 new products bring us similar technologies. At ordinary times we are able to shoot down the panorama is static, although handset makers over the past few years to see in the panorama, many vendors have to Zhang Sucai joining together into a panorama time try to be more natural transition and boundary location basically don't see joining together, the material between the exposure control is consistent as far as possible, but not let this panorama in motion, Samsung dynamic panoramic function is available.

 Samsung S7 Panorama

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Panorama

In dynamic panoramic photo mode, users can take a panoramic view of the dynamic images, or slide on the screen by tilting mobile phones after dynamic panoramic view of different Angle of view, can also save as video files. Compared to their own dynamic pictures on the function and the iPhone 6 s Live Photos further, also can be regarded as a VR virtual reality ecological circle to lay the foundation for the future.


11th Black Technology: Exynos 8890 water cooling and heating tube

Exynos needless to introduce the hardware parameters of 8890, the black technology exists in the SoC every corner, small make up to share instead of "heat pipe + water cooling" the outstanding technology. Heat pipe + water cooling technology is not Samsung was the first to introduce, as early as the SONY Xperia Z3 was used, the so-called "heat pipe + water cooling technology, is actually near the processor chip into a copper pipe, heat will lead to the edge of the fuselage, and that's just heat pipe radiator, where is the water? Don't forget, SONY Xperia Z3 and Samsung S7 are IP68 dust waterproof level of the machine, with the highest level of civil anti-corrosion design, then we can put it in the water, cooling water will quickly to the heat pipe heat discharges away.

 Sony Xperia heat pipe and water cooling

SONY Xperia Z3 heat pipe + water cooling

12th Black Technology: Snapdragon 820 Sense ID

Snapdragon 820 is also with lot of black technology, Kryo CPU, 530, Spectra ISP, Hexagon Adreno 680 DSP and Xiao dragon X12 LTE modem separate out and to be able to say half a day time, but small make up today, I want to share key ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology.

 Snapdragon Sensor ID

Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID ultrasonic fingerprints canning technology

Early on the MWC 2015, Qualcomm launched a mobile industry's first 3 d fingerprint authentication solution based on the technology of ultrasonic, Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID 3 d fingerprint technology, user experience ascension is the largest scan time can be affected by dirt on her finger, such as sweat, hand cream, oil, etc. Specific principle is the use of ultrasonic directly through the skin, to identify the current fingerprint technology based on capacitive touch screen can't identify three dimensional details and a unique fingerprint characteristic, including fingerprint ridges and sweat pores, etc. The future will also be able to further implementation does not need to rely on fingerprint identification module, direct the application of the technology on a touch screen, make smartphones unlock identification, such as mobile payment operation more convenient. And on the CES 2016 and MWC 2016, Qualcomm Xiao 820 finally with the technique of the dragon, let the music Max Pro, millet mobile phone 5 models. 

13th Black Technology: OPPO super flash charge


OPPO super flash charge

On the MWC 2016, apart from providing the OPPO imaging technology revolutions, also has brought the fast charging technology upgrade for consumers. 2014 OPPO VOOC flash filling technology was born, then pick up the start of this technology products for OPPO Find 7, 3000mAh battery charging call 5 minutes to 2 hours, 30 minutes can be directly charging amount in full of 75%. Looks at that time, charging speed is beyond doubt, but VOOC flash was electric volume is larger compared with the ordinary mobile phone charger, charging line and the charger cable way together, is not between integral design, belong to the similar Moto that turbine fast was electric, when consumers feel less portable.

After six months with the OPPO N3, VOOC mini launched, in addition to the continuation of quick charge technology before the excellent charge efficiency, also reduce the size of the charger and charging at the same time also become removable design between line and the charger.

On MWC 2016, try OPPO, and introduced a 15 minutes of battery capacity is 2500mAh Cell phone technology, OPPO super flash charging, using low pressure fast charge, charge directly into electrical energy battery, do not need the voltage conversion, charging efficiency is as high as 97%, compatible with the traditional micro - USB interface and the USB Type - C interface. With the aid of new research and development of low pressure pulse algorithm, can carry on the strict control of rechargeable batteries, can let the electricity safely to the battery.

VOOC charging technology development is reviewed, and the black core technology is the OPPO to redesign the charging circuit of a complete set of, from every node charger, charging line, mobile phone battery, provides adapter overload protection, flash charging condition appraisal protection, interfaces, overload protection, overload protection and battery fuse protection five safety measures, so the official stressed any link in the process of charging components use OPPO original accessories, otherwise those fake parts pose a safety hazard. 

14th Black Technology: 5G network

On the MWC 2016, as the world's leading mobile terminal manufacturers and 5G technology of active agents, TCL joint Hong Kong applied science and technology research institute (hereinafter referred to as "should institute) on public display for the first time the end-to-end (D2D) solution demonstration system. Shall institute the D2D solution based on 3 GPP LTE Release 12/13 physical layer technology, support for higher throughput, but also enable dynamic information source selection function makes the mobile terminal can automatically as required to the terminal or station receives information from it. In addition, the use of Software Radio platform (Software Defined Radio, SRD) and modular baseband processing module, this plan can be upgraded to support future for example 5G car networking V2X (Vehicle - to - Everything) communication, etc.

 5G network

5G network

4G + and VoLTE technology has only just started to spread in China, 5G technology has been imminent, TCL as a leading international terminal equipment manufacturers, of course, layout of 5G era ahead of time, in addition to the 5G terminal intensify research and development, also with 5G technology to enhance collaboration and terminal user experience, inspire more new applications and business models.  

15th Black Technology: ES9118 chip

SS three following ES9018K2M and SABRE9018C2M, ES9028 Hi - Fi level of DAC chip, SABRE 9601 and ES9603 two pieces of the thrust of op-amp chip, after successfully conquered many audio enthusiasts, on the MWC 2016, ESS launched ES9118 this new Hi - Fi chip, and the independent DAC and before the op-amp chip is different, this is a SoC chip. So-called SoC chip, and is actually the DAC and output chip module set together, like Xiao dragon 820 SoC, integrates the CPU and GPU, ISP, DSP and the baseband chips and other modules. Using SoC design is save mobile phone motherboard space effectively, reduce the power consumption, in view of the audio field, for mobile phone manufacturers to provide more integrated, better audio solutions.



ES9118 signal-to-noise ratio of 126 db, total harmonic distortion plus noise - 113 db, support hard solution using "384 KHZ 32 bit" double channel coding of audio, at the same time support DSD256 decoding. Parameters on its hard power, undoubtedly the biggest attraction is shrinking the size of the chip and high integration, let more with thin body smartphones can also begin to consider using the chip, then there will be more Hi - Fi phone available. 


Do you think the "black technologies" introduced above are "black" enough? Small make up this time there is absolutely no "black" or flatter them, just state the facts objectively. Simply a short essay, MWC 2016 above all handset vendors read most of the black for all and analyzed again, hope that readers can get you need since the childhood of sharing knowledge, tell out what is on the non true black technology, the word "black" of science and technology is not able to use!

If you have any opinions on newest technologies on MWC 2016, please leave your comments below.

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