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HTC 10 (HTC One M10) Release, Price and Features List

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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Before the top phone brands release their 2016 new phones, there will be a long time for presale warm-up, such as render images and leaked benchmarks etc., so does the HTC OEM, which has just announced their new flagship HTC 10 (HTC One M10), but the benchmarks and features of HTC 10 (HTC One M10) has been digged out by the tech media and fans. As one of the new 2016 Snapdragon 820 phone, the HTC 10 has an excellent performance, it beats Xiaomi MI 5 in AnTuTu benchmarks. Xiaomi MI 5 is another high end smartphone featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 c

HTC 10 (HTC One M10) Release

On the launch event of H



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BLU Vivo XL Price Features Review & Comparison with Elephone S3 Plus: Full Metal Body

Monday, April 11, 2016

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BLU is an American-based mobile phone manufacturer founded in 2009. This phone maker manufactures budget Android smartphones targeted at people living in developing countries and emerging market like India, Latin America and Africa. All of BLU products are designed in its base of USA and then manufactured in China, which is the manufacturing base of global smartphones. BLU Vivo XL is released by BLU in January on CES 2016, coming with most common features with a budget and affordable price. We would like to review the BLU Vivo XL price, features and comparison with another mid-range sm



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Review Vodafone Smart Speed 6 Cheap Phone Features and Similar OEM Smartphones Recommendation

Thursday, April 7, 2016

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Vodafone is well known as a mobile operator, which owns and operates networks in 26 countries and has partner networks in over 50 additional countries. It is the world's second largest mobile telecommunications company located in London British to provide multinational telecommunications services. Actually, as a big mobile operator, Vodafone also have its own smartphones. And today we will review Vodafone Smart Speed 6 that is a cheap 4G smartphone with features and specifications and recommend similar OEM smartphones available from China phone makers.

Review Vodafone Smart Spe


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