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2016 First Dual Camera Phone LG X Cam Features and Price

Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Since LG has announced the first dual rear camera phone LG X Cam last year in 2015, we are expecting it to be come to use in 2016. And now the roll out date of LG X Cam is confirmed. The LG X Cam will begin to roll out this week, started from the phone brand’s hometown South Korea, then spread out to other key phone markets such as Europe, America and Asia. LG X Cam is 2016 first dual camera smartphone that with confirmed rolling out day, at the time of the other top phone maker Huawei has

LG X Cam Feature: Design

LG X Cam has a metal unibody and the design of this dual camera phone is reall

LG X Cam Feature


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Apple and Samsung explore the dual-camera tech, will it be a new trend for smartphone?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The trend is always guided by industry leaders. Both Samsung and Apple are rumored to be exploring dual-camera setups for upcoming smartphone usage, and a report from Korean media reconfirms this from a supplier's' perspective. Along with the two juggernauts's dual-camera order, there not just is a lot of stir in the relavant downstream industries, but it will also become a new trend for mobile phone manufacturers to choose the dual-camera technologies in the future generations.

Apple iPhone with Dual-camera

Dual-camera technology was first introduced to public at Moible World Congress last year, by

According to

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