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Xiaomi MI 5 is Priced at Rs 21000 in India and Release on March 31

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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Xiaomi MI 5 has been released in China for days and is going to release in India on March 31, just several days from now. Xiaomi has boasted that Xiaomi MI 5 was released with top 10 “black technologies”, but we know that most of the top 10 “black technologies” of Xiaomi MI 5 comes from Snapdragon 820 chip after we review Xiaomi MI 5 specs. Anyway, this high expectations Snapdragon 820 smartphone is now available for India users who want to experience a Xiaomi smartphone. In China, Xiaomi MI 5 has three versions with different prices, the basic 32GB model is priced

Just a pr...

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HTC 10 Beats Xiaomi Mi5 and Galaxy S7 Edge in Antutu Benchmarks Scores

Monday, March 28, 2016

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There are only two weeks left to uncover the mystery veil of HTC 10 (also called HTC One 10), which will be confirmed with real benchmarks and actual specs on April 12. The release even of HTC 10 will be hold at three cities at the same time, Taipei of 8 p.m., New York of 8 a.m. and London of 1 p.m. Even there is little time to wait for HTC 10, HTC fans are eagerly expected for any news about the upcoming HTC flagship which will reportedly be named HTC 10. Now an image about HTC performance in Antutu benchmarks might comfort the fans’ anxiety. The leaked image is showing that HTC 10 beats Xiaomi Mi5 to An...

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Xiaomi Mi 5 Review, Specs, Price in India, UK and other countries

4 comments Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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Xiaomi is a new China-based mobile phone brand, which is famous for its best budget phones in China and now in expected India market. Not like most Chinese phone brands such as Huawei, Lenovo and ZTE, Xiaomi is an online phone brand and began its sale with online stores. It copies Apple’s presale mode and excel Apple to make use of “hunger marketing”, to becomes the most popular phone brands among the affordable mid-range smartphones and low end smartphones. Now this Chinese phreview of Xiaomi Mi 5 with specs and price, in China, India, UK and other countries where high end o

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