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Qualcomm released three low-end mobile SoCs vs MediaTek chips

Thursday, March 24, 2016

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America Qualcomm and China-Taiwan MediaTek are the world's two largest mobile phone SoC makers. Qualcomm and MediaTek respectively control the high-end smartphone and low-end smartphone market, but in recent years, Qualcomm and MediaTek starts to enter each other's turf penetration. Recently, Qualcomm has released three new entry-level mid-low-range phone SoCs, and this will cause a certain pressure to the MediaTek.

Qualcomm won the position of smartphone SoCs like the Intel's dominated position in PC era, but from the perspective of market performance,

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Designed for Mid-Low Range Smartphones, MediaTek SoC Specifications

4 comments Friday, March 18, 2016

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In the current smartphone market, only iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei have their own CPU processors in their mobile devices. The other vendors, mostly are replying on Qualcomm or MediaTek CPUs. The two CPU providers thus draw much attention from the market players. Here we would like to have a detailed view of the mobile phone processor giant-MediaTek.

Comparing to the Qualcomm SoC, which is commonly used in many flagship models, MediaTek smartphone SoC is well known for its cheap price for low-end and mid-range smartphones. Except some historical reason

Naming rules of MediaTek mobile

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Smartphone Chip Manufacturers – An Essential Part in China Smartphone Industry

4 comments Monday, November 23, 2015

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Referring to Chinese Smartphone industry, it has to mention the smartphone chipset makers who have played an essential part in the development of China mobile phone business since the mobile phone manufacturing industry has moved to China. It is because of the evolution of smartphone chip, Chinese cell phone business experience a rapid growth and become the biggest base to manufacture more than 80 percent of world’s smartphone.

From the article about the role of IDH firms in China smartphone industry, we know that a chip is the basic elements of a smartpho

In the Chinese smartphon


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