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South African Mobile Operator Build 4G Networks Investing $700 Million

Friday, April 1, 2016

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South African mobile operator Cell C recently released a plan that they would invest 700 million dollars to build 4G networks, Cell C claimed, their LTE networks construction strategy of the parent company mainly concentrated in the big cities, basically because that high-density residential with many people would have a strong demand for high speed data business, so the metropolis of LTE meshing is one of the Cell C priorities this year.

Cell C said in a statement, investment funds needed for the 2015 4G-LTE networks building are already in place, the money come fr

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Chinese Cell Phone Supply Chain Comes into Cold Winter, Why?

Friday, March 25, 2016

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Recently, the media exposes the rumors Hammer T2 contracted ZhongTianXin electronic collapse, causing the reflecting of industry to the cell phone supply chain of winter, but this is only a member of the cell phone supplier of failures. As early as in early 2015, Dong Guan phone contract Zhaoxin communication, chairman of the manuscript's suicide brings to the cell phone industry chain with cold. On October 8th, ZTE, Huawei's tier one of suppliers FuChang electronic technology co., LTD. - Shenzh

However, it is not alarmist, at the current industry development trends, cell p

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