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Real Bezel-Less Phone, You're Worth It

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Latest Arrival!

Elephone is releasing a true bezel-less phone--Elephone S3.

With regards to world-wide bezel-less development, we really have to point out the last year. It's 2015 and the manner in which things are usually looking, smartphone sellers, particularly those from China, are rampaging in opposition to the screen bezel. But yet, incredibly, what used to be a niche is finally a little crusade that's infiltrating markets all over the place, and similar to laughing at you for obtaining an costly sm

To be able to get perfection, this time, Elephone S3 breaks the visual

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Bezel-Less Phone   Elephone S3

3 most up-to-date handsets model by Chinese smartphone manufacturer Elephone

Thursday, May 12, 2016

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About Chinese smartphone manufacturer - Elephone

Perhaps the most promising mobile company located in China that supply very good quality while reasonably-priced cellular to purchasers throughout the world. They claims to let you keep expecting and then be psyched. They strive to offer you way more options for persons that are very sensitive to high selling price.

On Elephone official online store, you will have a way to find the best mobile phone model for yourself. The specifications and features are good while the price are very welcoming and mild.

The most up-to-date handsets mod

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Top 8 Bezel-less Phones with Edge-to-Edge Display: Nubia, Elephone, LeEco, Nokia, Ulefone

Monday, April 11, 2016

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When the big phablets become popular, we find that the screen-to-body ratio is one of the main elements to make a smartphone display look unique and beautiful, the bigger the screen-to-body ratio is, the more beautiful a phone looks. Then a black technology called bezel-less edge-to-edge display comes into the smartphone design and manufacturing industries, and more and more phone makers release bezel-less phones to draw users’ attention. To save your time to find the bezel-less smartphones in the world, we would like to list the top 8 bezel-less phones and we will update and



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Metal Unibody Phone Comparison: Elephone S3 Plus vs OPPO F1 Plus

Thursday, April 7, 2016

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As the competition between smartphone makers becomes much fiercer than before, it is much common to see a phenomenon that every month will have a new smartphone launch event and most of the phone manufacturers will release at least one new flagship smartphone every year. Almost every phone manufacturer focuses on the hardware and storage specifications and smartphone performance, few phone makers are aware of the phone body, which is made out of plastic or metal materials. However, most smartphometal Unibody smartphone over a plastic phone? Why? And what’s the advanta

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Elephone S3 Unboxing Video: Full Metal Design with Edge-to-Edge Display

Thursday, March 24, 2016

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On the January Event, Elephone has announced two bezelless smartphone, one is Elephone P9000 Edge, the other one is Elephone S3, which is now on the schedule for pre-promotion. Not like Elephone P9000 Edge, Elephone S3 not just has an edge-to-edge display, but this bezelless smartphone also has a full metal design, the back cover and middle frame are combined as a whole, using CNC cutting metal material. Just like Elephone has boasted of Elephone S3: bezelless and top-notch appearance. Whether Elephone S3 is worthy so high expectation or not, let’s check

Here is the unboxing vide



Smartphone Review   Elephone S3   unboxing video

Elephone S3 Smartphone Review: Bezel-less, Unibody, Metal and Price

8 comments Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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Update: Special offer for Elephone S3 is in process right now from May 4th to May 31st on elephone official website elephone .hk with a price tag at $179 (~ Rs.12000)

Elephone S3 is a new 2016 bezel-less smartphone released by a China-based phone maker, Elephone, which has released many popular smartphones before, like 2015 flagship smartphone Elephone P8000, 2016 first flagship smartphone Elephone P9000, which is an ultra-thin bezel smartphone, with its variant Elephone P9000 Edge, which is also a bezel-less smartphones. But Elephone S3 is not like Elephone P9000 Edge, this metal unibo C...

Smartphone Review   Elephone S3   Elephone M3   Bezel-Less Phone   Bezel-less screen