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Remember the Disappeared Chinese Mobile Phone Brands?

Friday, March 25, 2016

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In about 2002, marketing implication for domestic mobile phone is as great as it is in today, and even better.

The Amoi and Bird were as popular as Xiaomi and Huawei are today. The Market share of Chinese mobile phone was once surpassed 70%. And the KEJIAN, DBTEL, Capitel and Panda were the hot brands at that time. With time goes by, these Chinese mobile phone brands are just quitting from the smartphone market and disappearing from the public’s attention.

Let us view back the history of Chinese mobile phone. In 1999, there are about ten Chinese mobile phone manufactu

In 2003, Panda mobi


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Chinese Cell Phone Supply Chain Comes into Cold Winter, Why?

Friday, March 25, 2016

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Recently, the media exposes the rumors Hammer T2 contracted ZhongTianXin electronic collapse, causing the reflecting of industry to the cell phone supply chain of winter, but this is only a member of the cell phone supplier of failures. As early as in early 2015, Dong Guan phone contract Zhaoxin communication, chairman of the manuscript's suicide brings to the cell phone industry chain with cold. On October 8th, ZTE, Huawei's tier one of suppliers FuChang electronic technology co., LTD. - Shenzh

However, it is not alarmist, at the current industry development trends, cell p

Is it becaus


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Chinese Cell Phone Industry Shuffle again, Rules Will Be Changed in Near Future 

4 comments Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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Chinese cell phone industry is always in constant shuffling. But in the past 2015 year, some changes have taken place in the not-quite cell phone industry, and this time makes a bigger influence, the price influence is reduced, Internet companies join, traditional cell phone brands and Internet phone brand relationship mollified.

Price war is no longer attractive

Future in the domestic market, perhaps there will still have price war, but the battle will not focus on price. Because price war brings a series of consequences, such as cell phone manufactu

The result affect not only cell

Cell Phone Price War


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