South African Mobile Operator Build 4G Networks Investing $700 Million

Friday, April 1, 2016

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South African mobile operator Cell C recently released a plan that they would invest 700 million dollars to build 4G networks, Cell C claimed, their LTE networks construction strategy of the parent company mainly concentrated in the big cities, basically because that high-density residential with many people would have a strong demand for high speed data business, so the metropolis of LTE meshing is one of the Cell C priorities this year.

Cell C said in a statement, investment funds needed for the 2015 4G-LTE networks building are already in place, the money come from the company's operating income, the financial support of shareholders, and debt financing plan of suppliers. And some funding are still in negotiations. 

Cell C, said the next three years 8 billion rand ($700 million) investment in construction of 4G LTE network, will significantly improve the user experience, to stimulate the application of data services. Cell C has been in Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal Province, Western Cape built many LTE base stations, also in a small range of user testing, plans to begin a commercial in the second half of this year. Cell C selected suppliers are Huawei and ZTE are the two Chinese companies.

Although the Cell C after rumors to be parent Oger Telecom sales, because industry over the past few years Cell C grade performance is not ideal with less profit. But to invest such a large amount of Internet upgrading project, the purpose is actually to win the chances for Cell C.

Cell C has 19 million users, the company's chief executive Jose Dos Santos, said: "the investment shows our shareholders a clear commitment, and the confidence in the Cell C strong business growth.

Operators in South Africa in recent years, the network upgrade investment is very big, Vodacom invested 10 billion rand last year, MTN invested 6 billion rand, this year increased to 10 billion rand.

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