Smartphone Chip Manufacturers – An Essential Part in China Smartphone Industry

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Referring to Chinese Smartphone industry, it has to mention the smartphone chipset makers who have played an essential part in the development of China mobile phone business since the mobile phone manufacturing industry has moved to China. It is because of the evolution of smartphone chip, Chinese cell phone business experience a rapid growth and become the biggest base to manufacture more than 80 percent of world’s smartphone.

From the article about the role of IDH firms in China smartphone industry, we know that a chip is the basic elements of a smartphone, and chipset makers or suppliers are on top of the stream. Without their efforts to develop the system on a chip (SoC), the IDH firms can’t design or provide a solution for Chinese OEM manufacturers to assemble the smartphones.

In the Chinese smartphone OEM industry, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Spreadtrum are three main chipset makers whose smartphone chips used most in smartphones manufactured in China and sells over the world. 

Qualcomm is generally used in high-and-mid-end smartphones and has taken up to almost 50 percent of smartphone chip market share in 2013, however it dropped to 32.8% in 2014 and might be squeezed by other smartphone chip makers in 2015.

MediaTek was once used mostly in Chinese “Shanzhai” mobile phones and has helped a lot in Chinese mobile phone development. In 2013, it only dominated 7.78 percent of smartphone chip market share and applied only in low-end smartphones, however, along with the quick growth of Chinese smartphones manufacturing in 2014, MediaTek counterattacked and improved a lot in the smartphone chip market share, had nearly 32 percent.

Even some OEM smartphones have used Spreadtrum, but it has not yet dominated the main market in Chinese OEM smartphones and has few market shares in the ranking.

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