Sensor Sales Disclose Chinese Smartphone OEM Business Rank Top by 2019

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

As we all know, a mobile phone is consisted of many parts and accessories, basically, there are more than 200 components to make a phone. So, not just the mobile phone business has an positive effect on phone elements related industries, the phone elements industries also disclose the mobile phone trends sometimes.

A report on sensors for mobile devices intelligent service from IHS Technology indicates that the demand for smartphone sensor from Chinese mobile phone OEMs will increase and surpass beyond other Smartphone OEMs like Apple and Samsung by 2019.

According to the report, Apple and Samsung are still the dominant consumers of smartphone sensors, but they are both set of declines from now till 2019. At now, Apple takes 47 percent of smartphone sensor but the company’s share will fall to 34 percent over the next four years. And Samsung’s share of smaratphone sensor will decline from 23 percent to 15 percent. Their lost share will be taken by Chinese OEM phone manufacturers who will increase the smartphone sensor market share from 20 percent to 38 percent in 2019.


The IHS report also explains the reason why the market share of both Apple and Samsung decline. Apple’s declining is due to  the growth of the overall smartphone market. But Samsung’s share fall off not just caused by the same reason, but it also face a stronger competition from Apple’s high-end smartphones as well as competition from Xiaomi and other Chinese phone suppliers of low-end and mid-range smartphones.

“The smartphone market is healthy, dynamic and extremely competitive,” said Marwan Boustany, senior analyst for IHS Technology. “Chinese OEMs have proved willing to try any new technology that allows them to compete more successfully.  Of the many Chinese handset manufacturers, Xiaomi will consume the greatest number of sensors in 2019.”

As the world’s smartphone manufacturing center, China is proving to be an ideal environment for sensor suppliers seeking to enter the competitive smartphone market, and for smartphone OEMs hoping to differentiate their models with innovative features. The government’s support and policies encourage local OEM smartphone manufacturers to compete with top phone brands in the worlds.

“With the Chinese government’s strategic goal to increase the share of domestic suppliers, there is an opportunity for Chinese suppliers to expand their portfolios and become the preferred suppliers for Chinese OEMs,” Boustany said. “At the moment, though, it seems that Chinese OEMs are happy to use any supplier that fulfills their volume, performance and price requirements.”


There are many news reported that more and more OEMs suppliers would like to build their factories in southeastern countries like India, Vietnam and Thailand, China is still the biggest manufacturing center of OEM smartphones.

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