M100 Review: Low-Cost 3G Unlocked Mobile Phone

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For most mobile phone retailers or distributors, China is still the largest phone manufacturing center to import smartphones for their brands, because of Chinese smaratphones’ low cost, high quality and unlocked characters. If you are targeting at a lower-end price range mobile phones, then you won’t miss this smallest 3G smartphone – M100, which has only 2.45 inch of size. Here comes a complete review of this low-cost mobile phone so that you can know it well and decide if importing it or not.

Lovely and Beautiful Design

M100 is absolutely a cute mobile phone with beautiful design and appearance. Small size is the first impression of this 3G smartphone in its display, more specifically its 2.45 inch screen, which uses IPS technology and features 240 x 432 pixels display. The screen of M100 uses capacitive touch technique and supports 5 points multi touch. The small size makes M100 a unique smartphone stand out from most 5-inch phones or phonablet, and the colorful plastic housing makes it a lovely phone. There are four colors available for choosing: pink, white, black and coffee.

Processor and Hardware Specifications

Mentioning of the hardware specifications, M100 comes with a MT6572 processor powered by MediaTek, which have contributed a lot for Chinese smartphone developing. The processor chipped within M100 is a dual core processor of 1.2GHz clock speed, along with a 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage that can be extended to 32GB, this small 3G mobile phone is expected to give a satisfactory performance, comparing with other low cost mobile phones. Besides, M100 equips with an ARM Mali-400 MP Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which is not impressive at first glance but really remarkable amongst the low cost 3G smartphones in fact. M100 runs an Android 4.4 OS.

Not all that delightful Camera

As M100 does not aims at providing a wonderful capturing technique, even it has two cameras following the most popular smart phone trends, the pictures captured with M100 cameras are not high-quality. The rear camera only supports 200 megapixels and the front camera even supports lower, just 0.3 megapixels; both cameras have F2.8 apertures powered by GalaxyCore, a well-know China camera sensor supplier in cell phone industry and located in Shanghai. And just same as most low cost 3G mobile phones, there is not much that you can expect.

Other Features

M100 is a 3G mobile phone supporting most features as a common smart phone. It supports WCDMA network bands (Band 1/5 (850/2100)), and of course GSM: band 2/3/5/8 (850/900/1800/1900). Besides, it supports positioning of GPS and A-GPS and backs with most-used connectivity: Bluetooth of 4.0 version and WIFI of 802.11b/g/n 2.4G. And a battery of 650mAh supports this 3G mobile phone well for a long battery life.

Last but not least

From the design, to processor and hardware, to camera and most features, M100 can be used as an independent smallest 3G smartphone. However, it is more than a mobile phone; it is also a wearable smartphone, providing additional splendid functions: pedometer, motion trace and pedestrian navigation


M100 is a good recommendation if you are targeting at low cost mobile phone market, with basic and common processor and hardware specifications as most 3G mobile phones, adorable design and extraordinary features for outdoor and health.

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