Remember the Disappeared Chinese Mobile Phone Brands?

Friday, March 25, 2016

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In about 2002, marketing implication for domestic mobile phone is as great as it is in today, and even better.

The Amoi and Bird were as popular as Xiaomi and Huawei are today. The Market share of Chinese mobile phone was once surpassed 70%. And the KEJIAN, DBTEL, Capitel and Panda were the hot brands at that time. With time goes by, these Chinese mobile phone brands are just quitting from the smartphone market and disappearing from the public’s attention.

Let us view back the history of Chinese mobile phone. In 1999, there are about ten Chinese mobile phone manufactures that have got the license. Many people may still remember the glorious time ten years ago that Bird, Hisense, Amoi, KEJIAN and other Chinese mobile phone brands have been through. For example, KEJIAN sponsored the premiership Everton; Dbtel had won market share leader for color screen mobile phone; Panda mobile phone had become the CCTV advertising King, etc.

In 2003, Panda mobile phone was exported about 1 million units, Bird also made the sales plan about 2 million units, dbtel phone was promoting "2004 first in Asia, with nokia 2004 for the world's first" big slogan.

According to data, till Oct 2003, China has exported about 60 million pcs mobile phones, which is half the total product Chinese ally. It could also be said that it was a mobile phone world for Panda and Bird.

Amoi: on the verge of close down

Earlier in the year 2000, amoi and amoi, and just as xoceco, also partial in the southeast of xiamen, the two are the earliest to do TV was born. Then enter the mobile phone industry, and quickly became famous.

It was the beginning of this year that Amoi came into the public view. The news was that Amoi is on the verge of closing down and was asking for sale.

Bird: descend to third-level small mobile phone brand

"Bird mobile phones, the fighter among all phones" this slogan for waveguide climaxing brand, waveguide once is Chinese mobile phone sales in the first six years in a row. In 2003, Bird handset sales breakthrough 10 million units, more than MOTOROLA, nokia, became a champion of the mobile phone market. But after 2006, waveguide but began to decline, market share rapidly shrinking to less than 1%.

Till today, once the first brand of "Chinese handset" waveguide although hasn't officially retired from the mobile phone market, but has been reduced to three-line small mobile phone brands. At present, it is focused on over sea market and OEM service and also launches new products from time to time. However, it is hard for Bird to present the old glory once more.

Capitel: turn to the elder people mobile market

Most people cannot recall the brand Capitel. In the earlier years, Capitel and Nokia jointed venture and became Capitel-Nokia, becoming the original equipment manufacturer for Nokia. In 2001, Capitel began to launch its own brand mobile phone; with low color screen mobile phone began rapidly in the brand, and raised a tide of color screen mobile phone in the country.

In 2006, Capitel resumed to mobile phone business but it did not go well. And then afterwards, the S718 for elder people, with its extra large keyboard and big font, as well as considerate design for old people, make the brand Capitel hot in the elder people mobile phone market. What’s more there are copy mobile phones to Capitel.

KEJIAN: has dropped out from the mobile phone market

Kejian, founded in 1984, under the Chinese academy of sciences, in 1998 successfully launched the first Chinese GSM mobile phones. As a representative of the first generation of Chinese handset, kejian have preempted the considerable market share. With early cooperation with three electronic kejian once became the highest Chinese gold brand. In 2002, at the peak of kejian has invested millions of pounds to sponsor the premiership, became the first local companies to cooperate with the premier league.

In 2005, kejian mobile phones gradually exit from the consumer electronics market, around the branch and the relevant departments also has shut down once MTK "first brand" shut down. But as a listed company kejian did not retreat city, stocks have also been hang "* ST kejian", the former kejian co has been reduced to a shell company.

Panda: back to the household appliances market

Panda was started by television business and joint venture with Ericsson to become panda- Ericsson in the early time. By this, it accumulated the mobile phone research and development and manufacturing technology. Founded in 2001, the panda mobile, the independent panda brand into the mobile phone market, early models with Ericsson mobile phone basically the same.

In 2002, Panda mobile was the advertisement “brand king” on CCTV and also it asked Liang Chaowei as the spokesperson by spending a large sum of money. However, this kind of marketing action did not last for long. By 2005, Panda was fading out from the market.

Afterwards, in 2005 it cut off from the mobile phone business. CEC regrouped Panda electronics and founded CEC-Panda. Just in last year, Panda went back to household appliances again and launched panda television.

Dbtel: bankrupted

Founded in 1993, Dbtel is one of the Taiwan Daba group members. Before July 2001, Dbtel was the OEM supplier for Motorola, Siemens. And after that, it began to have its own brand mobile phones. This is to say, Dbtel is a Taiwan mobile phone manufacture.

Later, the company began to expose the management problems, losses in 2004, the corporation Taiwan the group of funds are not in place, finally folded and workshop being reclaimed by the government. 

Why these Chinese mobile phone brands disappear?

GO back to the history of the 1st Chinese mobile phone brands, we can find out that their growing is very similar by building up in 2000 quickly and declining or disappearing in 2005 quickly. The reasons between need to be seek and studied.

Around 2005, nokia, samsung, in the Chinese market share rise sharply. Similar to joint venture brands, in order to enter the Chinese market, the earliest foreign mobile phone brands enter the Chinese market many of them chose a Chinese joint venture enterprises, such as capital, nokia, Samsung, kejian and panda Ericsson etc.

But as the international mobile phone manufacturer in the Chinese market and policy, more and more high, the degree of localization is no longer needed Chinese partners, off Chinese enterprises alone is logical. With the advantages of technology and capital, the international mobile phone brands in the competition ahead of Chinese mobile phone soon.

Most of the first generation Chinese mobile phone brands did not have the core technology. Take KEJIAN as an example, it’s just the whole set mobile phone design program from abroad with difference in appearance. Even there were some Chinese mobile brands which made the OEM product from Korea products and sold in China. 

Due to the functions for mobile phones then, consumers were driven by the functions when they made a buying choice. Chinese mobile phones were similar on most functions while Nokia and Samsung have the key technology as an advantage, also new functions come out from time to time and with good quality. This made them in the leading position among a number of Chinese mobile phone brands.   

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