Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 vs MTK Helio X25,multi-core is not necessarily effective.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

    In the low-end chips, MediaTek very rapid development in recent years, can be said to have achieved a good record, but in the more lucrative profits, the flagship chips also we are more concerned, it has been in the role of catch-up. This year MediaTek finally ready to break out, launched the world's first 10 core chip Helio X20, then launched a higher frequency Helio X25 chip, massive. The current flagship chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip is a king, and has been competing with mainstream manufacturers, Helio X25 can pose a challenge to it, let's take a look at these two chips closer together.

    mt helio x25 s7 phones

    MediaTek Helio X25 is the most high-end chip, which features mainly reflected in the CPU, which uses three 10 core cluster architecture that includes two 2.5GHz Cortex-A72 nucleus, of four 2.0GHz Cortex-A53, and four 1.4 Cortex-A53 core GHz. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is this year's flagship chip, which uses a new architecture Kryo custom-designed, although only four cores, but each core is very strong, and the introduction of advanced 14-nanometer process, and advanced intelligent resource management tool.

    On the GPU, it uses the Adreno 530, compared with 810 the previous generation of Snapdragon Adreno 430, the graphics performance, computing power and power consumption have brought 40% increase. Meanwhile, Snapdragon 820 connectivity is also very strong, integrated X12 LTE modem, the upstream support Cat 13, downlink support Cat 12 standard, which makes it more than Helio X25 support Cat 6, the speed has doubled in Advantage. In addition, it also supports the ultrasound Sense ID Touch fingerprint, SafeSwitch security solutions, Quick Charge wireless charging, etc., and many shows kingly this chip.

    Software to run sub-Measured

    I chose the mainstream market Snapdragon device 820 (A) and Helio X25 devices (B) each paragraph, they have adopted a 1080p screen, built-in 4GB memory on Snapdragon 820 device's screen is slightly larger, at 5.5 inches, but its battery capacity also increased, reaching 3000mAh. Helio X25 machine is 5.2 inches, less battery capacity 440mAh. (Left are described below without machine A, machine B to the right)


    Comparative run points ▲MASTER LU

     I first measure of the two devices with security Bunny and Master Lu's two integrated software to run sub. Measurements show the overall context, Snapdragon 820 machine has a very distinct advantage, security Bunny run sub-score of 120,000, higher than the opponent more than 24,000; Master Lu ran also more than 60,000 points, higher than the 2 extreme opponents ; and its performance in terms of 3D performance is particularly prominent, approaching 60,000. The Helio X25 equipment due to CPU with more cores, 10 core full strength is still very alarming, security Bunny CPU score more than 28,000, slightly higher than the Snapdragon 820 device.


Antutu    Antutu to run sub-contrast 

    It is noteworthy that, in terms of GPU, I found Master Lu gave Helio X25 devices (Mali-T880) 16896 points, while Qualcomm Adreno 530 has received 22765 points, as many as nearly 6000 points. This also explains the powerful Snapdragon 820 graphics processor.

    Master Lu

Master Lu

    Comparative run sub GeekBench 3

    Test software GeekBench 3 data showed strong single-core Snapdragon 820 device performance, but in terms of multi-core running points, Helio X20 audit also reflected more advantages


    Comparative run points ▲ Basemark X

    Game graphics performance software Basemark X also gave higher scores Snapdragon equipment 41 000 820, more than twice Helio X25 device performance.

    In addition, it also with the current popular multiplayer online 3D hand travel "king of glory" and 720p HD video measurement of these two devices, found that they were running very smooth, and no Caton phenomenon. Given the current performance of mobile phones are generally surplus, so there are two flagship chip performance, is also expected.

    Endurance, power and fast charge

    Next, we conduct endurance testing method: receive calls, 10 minutes each online music, games, online video, online video three items were tested for half an hour, in the middle do not clean up the background, recording remaining after the end of each project electricity, plus an additional 8 hours of standby (to clean up all the background). The results as shown below, the last two devices, respectively 73% and 67% of the remaining charge, the battery capacity of both binding of view, two devices are also good battery life, an amount sufficient to support normal one day.

    Endurance temperature testEndurance temperature test

    Endurance temperature test

     You can also see from the chart, Snapdragon 820 models in terms of power consumption control a little better, tested a total power consumption of 810mAh, compared to Helio X25 devices cost a 844mAh battery. And Snapdragon 820 models of some of the bigger screen. It is noteworthy that, in the testing process, we also charge the body temperatures after each item test was measured and found Helio X25 devices easier to heat, especially after playing large 3D mobile games, the temperature climbed to relatively hot 39 ° C, the relative ratio Snapdragon apparatus 820 is still well controlled good 37 ℃.

Charging speed comparison

    Charging speed comparison

    In the fast charge, we see Helio X25 devices increased rapidly. 20 minutes, 50% of the electricity savings, reached 1280mAh, but this Snapdragon 820 device is a savings of nearly 900mAh battery. This is because the charger aspect, Helio X25 charger output device specifications for 5V / 3A or 8V / 3A and 12V / 2A, an output power of up to 24W, the output device specification Snapdragon 820 is 5V / 3A or 9V / 2A or 12V / 1.5A, output power up to stable at 18W.

    Although slightly inferior equipment Snapdragon 820 in fast charging speed, but Qualcomm's QC 3.0 fast charge but has broader applicability, it has been widely used music as millet, Lenovo, LG and a number of new machines, while the market there are many accessories manufacturers, follow up with the relevant charger fast charge, fast charge its compatibility to be better.


4G speed comparison

4G speed comparison

     In the 4G mobile network (first and second row of data), two devices are not significantly different in terms of upload and download speeds. But in 4G telecommunications network (the third and fourth rows of data), we find that Snapdragon 820 devices more obvious advantages, the download speed is 3 times more than the opponent, the upload is 2 times more than the opponent.


    As MediaTek's flagship chip, Helio X25 in performance is indeed very powerful, especially in the 10 core fully open, there is no pressure to complete multitasking and large-scale 3D games, but compared with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip king, it does there is still a gap.

    Snapdragon 820 equipment show in the telecommunications network speed advantage, but also illustrates the long-term accumulation of connectivity at Qualcomm. Snapdragon 820 and Helio X25 devices there is still much room for improvement in the speed, and enhance the future of space in terms of uploading Snapdragon 820 device will be larger. In the high-end chips, MediaTek wants to catch up with Qualcomm, simply try to increase the number of CPU cores is not enough, is feasible to enhance all aspects of the road.


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