Wireless bluetooth speaker B1 customized label server from elephone oem team,more portable,more pure voice, Free your ears.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

    This portable wireless bluetooth speaker internal modeled B1 on availabel from elephone oem team who's office website is cnoemphone.com.wireless bluetooth speaker B1 suport provides custom label service s by elephone oem team for business.this amazing portable wireless bluetooth speaker with small boby has a huge capacity,to bring you more pure voice and completely free your ears.Let you totally immersed in the music world.you can get completely detail and inquire for the price by fill out the inquiry form on the product url.

portable wirelss bluetooth speaker


    The following list show some features of portable wireless bluetooth speaker called B1,completely features follow the bluetooth speaker product page on cnoemphone.com.

    1.High quality crystal clear sound,structure of the product;

       Uni-Q Coaxial concurrent unit Sweet HF Mellow MF Richness of LF;Built-in type J catheter To construct perfect acoustics;Double-shot molding Soft and comfortable feeling Seal the big sound cavity;1000mAh battery 6 hours of continuous playback ;Qualcomm CSR import chip Professional audio compression technology High fidelity reduction technology More stable and low power consumption;Stainless steel casting Laser rays of light Carved holes.

    2.The perfect exeperience of craft;

       Double-shot molding ;Soft feel; Skin touch feeling;Stainless steel casting; Laser rays of light ;Carved holes.

    3.Facile and portable;

       The weight is 178g it can dance easily in your hand;

    4.Wireless and more freedom.

       Bluetooth version 4.1,compatible with all bluetooth devices;


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