MediaTek releases Helio x23 and helio x27 high-end chipsets,Smartphone based on high-end x23&x27 will available soon.

Monday, December 26, 2016

    Two high-end chipset model named helio x27 and helio x23 was be released by the mobile chip marker Media Tek.this two chipset was upgraded over the flagship helio X20.there two new chip's performance has been improved.Smartphone based on high-end x23&x27 will available soon.

mediea tek mobile high-end chipset

    Helio X23 is still 20nm manufacturing process, integrated three clusters of ten cores,  two 2.3GHz A72, four 1.85GHz A53 and four 1.4GHz A53 respectively, support EnergySmart Screen features, the remaining configurations are consistent with the helio x20 chipset.Compared to X20, X23 is the core of the frequency increase of 0.2GHz, increase EnergySmart Screen.

    Helios X27 will A73 core frequency to 2.6GHz, two quad-core A53 frequency is 2.0GHz and 1.6GHz, GPU frequency is 875MHz, also supports EnergySmartScreen.Compared to the X25, X27 is to increase the core frequency of 0.1GHz, small core A53 frequency increased 0.05GHz, GPU frequency increase of 25MHz, increase EnergySmart Screen function.

    MediaTek also said the two processors on the CPU / GPU co-scheduling software and algorithms to further optimize the processor to improve overall performance of more than 20% in the web browsing experience and application (APP) startup speed, there is a clear upgrade .

    EnergySmart Screen is a power-saving technology, according to different display content and ambient brightness intelligent dynamic adjustment of the screen system parameters, and with the human visual model technology, known as both to ensure non-destructive visual enjoyment, but also reduce the maximum 25% Screen power consumption.The two processors' ISPs have also been upgraded to enhance the full-pixel dual-core dual focus (Dual PD) function, while incorporating color + monochrome smart dual-shot and real-time shallow depth of field Camera function.

    Equipped with these two high-end chips of mobile phones on mobile market will soon come,let's wait and see.

    Parameter information for all the Media Tek chipset you can find on Media chipset list page from choemphone website.

    Media TeK chip parameter 

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