Most Worthy Small Size 3G Android Smartphone for Wholesale from China Manufacturers

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In a world of big screen phones, the small size smartphones look so unique and special. However, it doesn’t mean that mini phones have rare markets. As opposite, for some specific usage and circumstance, small size smartphones are well popular. And today, we will introduce a really mini Android phone that might be one of the smallest size smartphones in the world of 2015 – M100, which only features a 2.45-inch screen.

Even as a small size smartphone, M100 has many basic and advanced functions, and of course the most-worthy mini Android phone for wholesale from China manufacturers. Below is a simple review of this small size smartphone.

Review of M100: Small Size Screen and Display

As smartphone technology developed, the size of a phone becomes bigger, even Apple is following the trends and designed bigger screen iPhone, and now 5-inch size is the standard of most smartphones, so smartphone sizes under 5-inch will be called small size smartphones, but M100 features an only 2.45-inch screen, much smaller than the standard and it is actually a pocket size. The small size screen supports 256K color display (432 x 240 pixels) of Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technique and Capacitive multi touch. So M100 is just a small size smartphone, not a mini functional cellular phones in old days.

Review of M100: Small size with cute design

Small always refers to cute. As most small size products, M100 has a really cute and simple design. Made of plastic material, M100 looks like a whole with front and back shell in the same color: white, black, pink and coffee. The outer sides are metal middle frame in an accordant color with the plastic body. On the front shell is the 2.45-inch screen, along with the front 0.3-megapixels camera on the top bar, and the microphone is on the bottom bar. The earphone and USB port are separated and located in different sides of this small size smartphone, the former is on the top side and the latter is on the bottom side, just like most big screen smartphones do. The power button is on the right side and the volume controls are on the left side. Under the removable back cover is a 650mAh Lithium battery that is enough for the small size smartphone daily use.

Review of M100: Hardware

MediaTek is a well-known chipset manufacturer who have offered most low-mid range chipsets to Chinese smartphone makers. M100 is powered with a dual core processor from MediaTek – MT6572, with a clock speed of 1.2GHz and supports only 3G networks at most. M100 is a small size smartphone and has only one SIM card slot because of its mini body and there is no more space for another dual SIM card slot.

Review of M100: Camera

M100 has dual camera, one 2-megapixels rear camera and one 0.3-megapixels front camera. Both cameras use GalaxyCore camera sensor of F2.8 aperture. Enough and compatible with the 2.45-inch small size screen.

Tough small, perfectly performed! M100 not just works as a common 3G smartphones, but it is also used as wearable device for pedometer and motion trace and GPS functions. And this small size smartphone can be used as a remote control to manage the files in the PC.

Picture of M100 OEM Mobile Phone

Highlights of M100:

  • 90 x 43 x 9.8 mm, a real small size smartphone
  • MediaTek MT6572 dual core processor with 1.2GHz clock speed
  • Android 4.4
  • 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM, max expansion to 32GB
  • 2.45 inch 256K color TFT touch screen supporting Capacitive multi touch
  • 2 MP rear camera and 0,3 MP front camera with GalaxyCore camera sensor of F2.8 Aperture
  • 650mAh Lithium battery
  • Single SIM connectivity supports 3G networks frequencies:
  • 3G-WCDMA: band 1/5 (850/2100 MHz)
  • 2G-GSM: band 2/3/5/8 (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Common metal middle frame and plastic body
  • GPS, Pedometer, Motion trace, Pedestrian navigation
  • Gesture functions: double tapping to unlock the screen, slide up to enter gallery, slide down to play or pause music, slide left to switch songs

As the most-worthy small size smartphone for wholesale from China manufacturers, M100 has a great number of wonderful features as common 3G smartphone, a wearable device for outdoor and health and the remote to connect with PC. And the price is predicted to be under $60 for smartphone distributors or wholesalers. And if you want to want more information about OEM smartphones from China manufacturers, please contact our consultants or leave your comments below.

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