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4G Phablet Comparison: Elephone M3 vs SISWOO R8 vs PHICOMM EX780L

4 comments Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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Chinese phone makers have contributed a lot in world’s smartphone development and popularity rate after experiencing several stages from initially functional cell phones to nowadays smartphones. As the mobile connectivity technology is ever developing and smartphone manufacturing technique is every improving, 4G phablets become more and more common in people’s daily life. What is 4G phablet? 4G phablet means the smartphone supports 4G networks and with a big touch screen, for example, 5.5-inch smartphones, which are the main stream 4G phablets on the

Today in this Ele...

4G Phablet   Comparison   Elephone M3   SISWOO R8   PHICOMM EX780L

Low Price Mobile Phone List - Smartphones under $50 from China

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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As the mobile phone industry developed maturely and the manufacturing technologies have improved a lot in past years, Chinese white label phones are famous for their low price and high quality, that’s why many global smartphone buyers still prefer to purchasing mobile phones from China phone makers for their own brand and company. This article list three low price mobile phones for wholesalers and dealers who want to purchase best budget smartphones. All three mobile phones can be wholesaled under $50 from China phone makers. And if you want to knowspecific price of each white , ple

low price mobile phone   List