Apple's acquisition of eye-tracking technology vendors,Iphone 8 AR coming

Thursday, June 29, 2017

  Grabbed VR (virtual reality) in numerous start-up companies hold when, in fact more giants have been cut into the AR (Augmented Reality) the field. Recently, some foreign media reports, Apple has quietly acquired the eye of a major development in Germany for VR and AR glasses helmet visual eye-tracking technology to track vendor SMI, this message is a transfer of industry speculation that Apple immediately or will enter the field of AR, R & D and production of AR glasses.

CEO of apple

  In fact, Apple's enthusiasm for the field of AR has been tracked, in addition to SMI, Apple has also acquired a number of companies in related fields, including research and development AR software of Metaio company, developed the 3D sensor Primesense company, R & D Real-time facial capture technology and R & D companies Faceshift track objects 3D action FlyBy Media company, and so on.

  In addition to Apple, Google and other giants are also very optimistic about the AR field, and have some action. That is because, compared with the VR, the application of AR technology is clearly more broad, according to IDC in March of this year's assessment report, the next four years to enhance the reality of the market size will double the AR virtual reality VR's.


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