India Mobile Operators List and Development Analysis

Friday, April 1, 2016

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Part I. Basic situation about mobile operators

1. Operator quantity and service range

Till 2015, Jan, there are 13 mobile operators in India among which Bharti, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, BSNL, Aircel are national mobile operators while the others are regional ones. 

India Mobile Operators List and Service Coverage

2. Four categories of mobile communication in India and the distribution of mobile operators

India mobile communication mobile operators are generally divided into managing districts according to the CIRCLES and the expenses are set according to district pricing mode. India is divided into 23 service zones according to the mobile service. Finally, it is divided into Metros, A'Circle, B'Circle and C'Circle four levels. These four service districts and main mobile operators are as follows:

1) Metros

Metros cover the four main cities in India.


2) A'Circle

A'Circle, serve for cities expect the four cities that metro covers.


3) B'Circle

B'Circle serves the middle and small counties.


4) C'Circle

C'Circle mainly serves the villages.


3. Different technology mobile operators’ situations

India can be divided in to GSM、CDMA and TD-LTE three big parts according to mobile communication technologies. GSM was the first network that entered in India. For now there are 9 mobile operators. Cdma entered into India market in 2001 and there are 6 mobile operators at present.  TD-LTE was started in April 2012 from Airtel and now there are 2 mobile operators.


Part II. Registered user analysis about India cell phones

1. India mobile phone registered user quantity

Mobile terminal industry research institute of statistics data show that by the end of December 2014, India's mobile phone users to 943 million; compared with the same period last year, an increase of 6.5%.


Since the fierce competition and the special division on district on india telecom, they gain consumers on the differences service.  Mostly usesr are not rich, then they will choose at least 2 mobile operators, even 3 to 4 mobile operators. This is also the reason that dual cards and dual standby phones are extremely popular. Due to this, registered mobile phone user number is high.

2. Active mobile phone number of registered users

According to statistical data, the active number of india registered users are 810 billion, with 86%.


3. Cell phone registered number in town and country

According to data, the increasing of cell phone users are different in cities and countries. Till the end of 2014, Dec, india cell phone registered users are 550 million and 4.5% growth with same period of last year. Country users are 393 million and 9.5% growth with same period of last year.


From market share, number of users rural market than in the ascent, from 40.56% in December 2013 to 41.68% in December 2014.

But the country area people is beyond 833 million which is 47.17% according to the present cell phone registered users.

4. Registered users number in all counties in india.

According to the total number, U.P.(E) county ranks in the first place with 8.49%.

According to the country user numbers, U.P.(E) county ranks in the first place with members of 40.4 million and 10.27% of all country users.

According to the cities user number, T.N(incl. Chennai) ranks in the first place with user number of 56.85 million with 10.32% of all city users.


5. GSM and CDMA cell phone registered user quantity

Since its early entering, GSM has the advantage to gain subscribers and then it has more users. At the end of 2014, December, the GSM registered users are reached to 8900 million with a slow increasing trend.

Though CDMA entered into india in 2001, it grew slowly. Till the end Dec, 2014, registered user number was 5300 million. There came the situation that the users number is not in growing but in reducing.

After Airtel started operator in April 2012 on 4G LTE, only Aircel joined in July 2014. According to the data, the two mobile operators on LTE was growing slowly and till the end of 2014 the users number is less than 8 million.


Part III. Analysis about India mobile operators’ market share

1. Divide mobile operators’ market share according to cell phone registered users

According to the market share that the registered users have, there are some characteristics:

India mobile operators are fiercely competed with each other and the biggest Bharti Airtel has a market share of 23% while the market share for other mobile operators are not much in difference.

The mobile phone market share will gather into top three mobile operators and go into a status that big operators become bigger. And the next three years will be the integration period for India mobile operators.


2. Divide the market share according to GSM and CDMA

GSM operator market share


CDMA mobile operators market share


Country area mobile operators market share


Town area mobile operators market share


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