How to Find a Reliable Chinese Mobile Phone Manufacturer

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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Speaking of doing business with Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, many people might be frightened by the rumors flying over the internet that Chinese suppliers are scammers, not reliable and dishonest. However, over 90% of the foreign people succeed in their business and are satisfied with the cooperation in China or with Chinese business people. So, for you, how to find a reliable Chinese mobile phone manufacturer from the good 90% is the main question. And you don’t need to be so highly cautious; it is not too difficult to find a reliable mobile phone manufacturer when you have a good preparation.

To find a reliable mobile manufacturer, you need to know the troubles that you might meet when doing business with Chinese mobile phone manufacturers and how to avoid them:

1. You might meet some fake mobile phone manufacturers who don’t have a factory or the ability to produce the ordered phones as your requirements, in order to avoid this kind of issue, you need to visit the factory in person or with the help of some trusted Chinese friends to have a rough ideal of the mobile phone manufacturers who you are dealing with.

2. Be careful of being cheated by the mobile phone manufacturers after you pay. While a quick search online could turn up hundreds of stories of people who say they have been cheated by Chinese mobile phone suppliers you would be getting an unbalanced picture as those with good experiences are much less likely to speak out. To avoid this case happening, it is recommended those phone importers who are using credit to pay through a third-party payment method like PayPal or Alipay. This will prevent the manufacturer from getting sensitive credit card information from you and allow you to stop the payment if there are any problems with the deal. Last but not least, make sure you have transferred your money to a company bank account not personal bank account, and always keep a documented record of transactions to help dispute cases if trades go wrong.

3. The language barrier is a small problem that you might meet when doing business with Chinese smartphone manufacturers. It is easy! Just find a translator for accompany. Or you don’t need to worry about this problem, because there are business assistance teams who will provide a translating service for you when visiting the mobile phone manufacturer’s factory.

find a reliable mobile phone manufacturer
How to find and check if it is a reliable mobile phone manufacturer?

After doing some search with Google and or other online or offline methods, you might have two or three alternative mobile phone manufacturers in your hand right now, which one is more reliable and the right one? How to check and decide? Here are some suggestions that you need to take into consideration:

1. Visit them. This may sound a bit silly, but you need to see what’s happening with your prospective suppliers. Do they run their business well? If yes, nicely presented and industrious staff in the office might be good signs. And you can visit them more than once to make sure the company is real or just temporary organized.

2. Do they have thorough product information? If the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers can’t give you correct answers you need, then how can you give it to your consumers? If they answer ambiguously, then you might need a second consideration if they are real original manufacturers or just reseller.

3. Can staff speak English? Just as I have said above, most reliable mobile phone manufacturers have professional business assistance team that have experienced translators who master English to help customers. If no one in the company can speak or write English, you need to make a careful decision if it is reliable or not.

4. Do they understand your requirements? Let them repeat your requirements two or more times to make sure that the mobile phone manufacturers understand what you need and are going to deliver the right thing.

5. Can they offer flexible terms? If your manufacturers can offer you an account, with flexible payment terms, I would suggest that this shows that they are not only 'big' enough to be relied upon, but also that you can enjoy a fruitful relationship with them for a long time in the future.

Hope this helps when you want to find a reliable mobile phone manufacturer. By the way, is a B2B marketplace for mobile phone OEMs and all the mobile phone manufacturers on this platform are worth relying on.

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