How Can You Find Low Wholesale Price Mobile Phones From China?

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Without any doubt, China is still the largest manufacturing factory of global mobile phones and many other products after nearly 20 years industry development and integration. So, most customers all around the world still find and import their wanted products from China. And for mobile phone buyers, they would like to come to Shenzhen, where most cell phone manufacturers locate, to find their low price mobile phone for wholesale directly from Chinese manufacturers. However, it is time-consuming and cost-expensive if you just come without any preparing. So, it is a needed and wise step to do some investigations before your trip for most customers. This article introduces some online B2B marketplaces and platforms for your reference. is the most popular and most comprehensive B2B platform on which you can find productions in thousands of categories from a large number of wholesale suppliers or manufacturers from China. You might think that Alibaba is good place to start your research to find low wholesale price mobile phones, but hold one for a moment, there are many people on the web telling their story about the scams on Alibaba, and now you will find that it is not easy to find a reliable mobile phone wholesale supplier or manufacturer from this worlds’ largest B2B marketplace. So, many people have summarized some tips on how to avoid being a victim when finding a cheap mobile phone from China: step 1, review the company file, such as company name and location, business type, management certification, registered address and capital, legal representative; step 2, review other company certifications; and step 3, review the mobile phone wholesale supplier’s product selection.

Global Sources is another big B2B bazaar including a lot of products categories, it is actually a multi-channel B2B media company, Global Sources website and a large number of exhibitions held annually, the company mainly promotes the export trade in the Greater China region, like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shenzhen. Every year, there are several exhibitions held by Global Sources for both importers to find cheap and best value mobile phones from China wholesale suppliers and exporters to sell their low price with high quality products to customers from all over the world. It is not as big as Alibaba; relatively, there are fewer complaints about scams from China wholesale supplier on Global Sources. The offline exhibitions might be a good way to know the suppliers and reduce the complaints.

DHGate is a relatively young business-to-business platform and neither as popular nor famous as Alibaba and Global Sources, so many people thought it is a scam website. Actually, it is also an all-inclusive B2B marketplace containing hundreds of catalogs. And it is said that this platform has a system to handle the payments, which makes it stand out among these B2B platforms. The payment system assures the buyer’s right by only passing payments to seller when buyer confirms receipt of products. The other advantage of DHGate is that it allows wholesale suppliers to sell with lower MOQs, just like the one will be mentioned in the next.

Cnoemphone is a China OEM phone platform that focuses on mobile phone and related electronic products and gadgets. The mobile phones listed on the website are selected by their staffs and range from high-end smartphones of 200 dollars to low-end cell phones that only cost tens of dollars. The greatest advantage of this platform is the reliability: All the suppliers are chosen from most advanced China phone manufacturers and have big capacity. Low MOQ and short delivery of wholesale mobile phones from China are another two advantages that this platform says. Of course, is a small B2B platform, comparing with Alibaba and Global Sources. So the few catalogs and products are its drawback, it has a few mobile phones from several reliable China phone manufacturers.

Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on your final target, which do you prefer? To spend more time and energy finding a low price mobile phone from thousands of wholesale suppliers or middle-men on a comprehensive website? Or just directly get quote from a small but best-targeting vertical B2B mobile phone platform? Just make your decision.

And to make it easier for users to decide the smartphone purchase, we have made some useful analysis for different countries' smartphone market and finally provide you the China mobile price list, India mobile price list, UK mobile price list, US mobile price list, and South Africa mobile price list.

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