Elephone helio x20 flagships R9 -multi-functional home button with E-touch 2.0

Thursday, November 24, 2016

    Elephone has received much attention because of it's new helio x20 mobile phones,elephone r9 and elephone S7.it has been a great success since it's released.Elephone whole new dual flagship mobile phone s7&r9 be equipped with powerful helio x20 chipest,and super convenient multi functional home key with the new features  of E-touch 2.0.

helio x20 mobile phone r9 multi functional buttom

    Gentle touch : back key;
    Double gentle Touch / Press the Home button once: home key;
    Press the Home key twice: shortcut key;
    Long press on the home key: Recent taskbars .

    All E-touch 2.0 features and fingerprint recognition system will be gathered in the front home button,
which highlights the powerful function of this home button on Elephone R9 .

    In addition,Elephone R9 adopts glass cover on the fingerprint button, this material not only enables excellent hand feel, but also identifies fingerprint in a very quick time.

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