The build-in chip on elephone z1-16nm production technology octa-core chip-helio P20

Thursday, January 5, 2017

    What make the users excited for elephone z1 is not only by the gorgeous looking,but also the elephone z1 equipped with the highly power-efficient performance-oriented 4G LTE processor-Helio P20 which is the first 16nm producting technology octa-core chip from chip maker MediaTek.

helio p20 chip

    There is a 16nm producting technology octa-core processor-Helio P20 inside in elephone Z1.MediaTek’s first performance-range of system-on-chips (SoC) in their top-tier MediaTek Helio family of processors, the MediaTek Helio P20 series is built on a 16nm FinFET process node and offers up to 25% better power efficiency, higher processing performance and our most advanced camera / video features to date. MediaTek Helio P20 series also offers significant multitasking and multimedia improvements thanks to its support for the latest LPDDR4X memory.

   What is 16nm producting technology of Helio P20?

    With the advance of the times, everything is getting smaller, no exception for GPU and CPU.
In terms of mathematics, 1nm = 0.000000001 meters, you may see a lot of zero after the deci mal point, but no real feeling.

    Let's make a comparison. The thickness of our nail is 0.1 mm (0.0001 m). Cut the nail into 100 thousands layers, the thickness of each layer is about 1nm.There are many transistors in the chip of our phones. The size of the transistor is critical. Cause one chip can contain much more 16nm transistors compared with 22nm transistors.The more transistors are placed, the more efficient the processor will be. At the same time, the power consumption could be lower with 16nm technology.

    Just like a task assigned to many individuals. The efficiency increases along with the number of people. And the workload of each person will be less.

    With the chip size reduction, it is also easier to install in mobile devices, to make thinner and lighter smartphones.
Therefore, Z1 will must be bring us more powerful performance with the 16nm octa-core helio P20.In addition,the Helio P25 chip which upgraded from helio P20 will be equipped on the new smartphone from elephone in the near future.

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