Bigger Mobile Phone Battery Longer Battery Life? iPhone 6s (Plus) says “Not Exactly”

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

For most smartphone users, battery life is really a problem. No one is happy when his or her smartphone run out the battry during the game time or other emergency cases. So, most users want a bigger battery for a longer standby and playing time. But Is it really better if the smartphones equip with a larger battery? The new genration of iPhone - iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s Plus says "Not exactly."

While iPhones have steadily gotten thinner and prettier through the years, many Apple fans have expressed an expectation for an iPhone that retains at least a little thickness. The logic is that instead of making the iPhone as thin as possible each year, Apple could go with a thicker body to accommodate a bigger battery. Good news is that iPhone 6S Plus did respond to iPhone fans’ expectation this time with a 2750 mAh battery. But with different A9 chip suppliers of Samsung and TSWU, iPhone 6s Plus has a different battery life

iPhone 6s battery

However, comparing this iPhone 6th generation devices to those Android smartphones even from well-known mobile phone manufacturers, this is still something very mysterious. Look, I’m definitely a big fan for iPhone, what ever confuses me is why can’t Apple just excite us with as big battery as possible, just like those Android phone vendors usually do? See what its rivals have got now.

Batteries in different generations of iPhone

The Gionee Marathon M5 is to be equipped with a 6000mAh battery capacity and quick charge technique. Howver, it comes with two 3000mAh batteries that add up to 6000mAh. As the company said, the batteries should last up to 4 days. It also features an extreme mode that can boost standby time at 5 percent battery life to 62 hours.

An enormous 6,000mAh battery smartphone is announced by OUKITEL, claiming that the phone lasts up to 10 days on battery-saving mode, 46 hours of continuous music playback, or 40 days if left on complete standby.

Innos 6000mAh battery D6000 breaks the technology through by inserting an internal, sealed battery. With two batteries work together, draining and charging at the same time, people never just using one battery to empty then starting to use the other. What’s more, it also means so long as the internal battery has some charge we can swap out the removable one to keep on trucking even longer.

And here we also have this chart of Apple’s latest generations battery specs:







iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 5

iPhone 5s


Non-removable Li-Po 1715 mAh battery (6.9 Wh)

Non-removable Li-Po 2750 mAh battery (10.45 Wh)

Non-removable Li-Po 1810 mAh battery (6.9 Wh)

Non-removable Li-Po 2915 mAh battery (11.1 Wh)

Non-removable Li-Po 1440 mAh battery (5.45 Wh)

Non-removable Li-Po 1560 mAh battery (5.92 Wh)


Up to 240 h (3G)

Up to 384 h (3G)

Up to 250 h (3G)

Up to 384 h (3G)

Up to 225 h (2G) / Up to 225 h (3G)

Up to 250 h (2G) / Up to 250 h (3G)

Talk Time

Up to 14 h (3G)

Up to 24 h (3G)

Up to 14 h (3G)

Up to 24 h (3G)

Up to 8 h (2G) / Up to 8 h (3G)

Up to 10 h (2G) / Up to 10 h (3G)

Music Play

Up to 50 h

Up to 80 h

Up to 50 h

Up to 80 h

Up to 40 h

Up to 40 h

How obviously unfair! Especially after a friend of mine jokes, you spent US$200 more budget and a night rush to get one phone with 2915mAh (my friend is with a Oneplus One 3100mAh phone, I’m with the iPhone 6, already with the biggest battery Apple phone have), seriously how many times you have to charge it and what to do when the battery is dead and you happened to fine nowhere to charge? I was overwhelmed by regrets. But, after taking a second thought, i was thinking if we really love the over-touted big battery or just the iPhone we have? And quickly comes with a informative answer ”Big battery is probably not that necessary”.

1. The design is cool, we better learn some philosophy of sacrifice and acceptance. We love our iPhone because it's so gorgeous and light. The fact that it's so gorgeous and light means we tend to use it more. The more we use it, the more often and faster our battery runs out.Conversely, if Apple inserted a bigger battery, the phone would be heavier and cumbersome. We, at least some people, would probably not feel as much affection toward it. By the way, this is how Steve Jobs initially defines Apple, aesthetics, isn’t it?

2. Android phone and iPhone are not operating in the identical way. They are based on different systems. Apple has tighter control over battery performance with iOS than Android handset makers, so its possible the new batteries could still give us a few more hours of battery life. Using different CPU, they consume different power when the phone is performing.

3. With some extra function, such as the new handset iPhone 6s Plus shows up with 3D Touch technology, a 2750mAh battery is equipped, smaller than the 2915mAh battery in the previous iPhone 6 Plus. It’s likely this sacrifice was made in an effort to add in the extra components required for 3D Touch functionality. Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean worse battery life. Speaking of sacrifice, iOS 9 may be able to meet up, as it is built to provide at least an extra hour of battery life, according to Apple, and we hope that the new A9 processor is more efficient than last year’s A8 chip. Combined, the new chip and operating system may give us similar battery life to last year. 

For the Android phones, if you like, you have every reason to get on given the less costly price and cool specifications. Nowadays, mobile phone manufacturing is booming just because different people have different taste and desire for this technical product.

Now that you might be convinced that the iPhone you have is perfectly fine for you, and every phone would drain, so you may still love to hear some tips on saving battery life for your handset.

1. Find the info under Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. Shutter down the Apps you are not about to use soon.

2. Enable Low Power Mode

3. Disable motion-enabled wallpaper

4. Turn off background refresh

5. Turn on auto brightness

6. Disable UI motion

7. Disable automatic mail fetch

8. Disable Location Services

9. Disable 4K Video

10. Enable Auto-Lock for 30 Seconds

11. Disable Automatic Downloads

Basically our goal was to try to keep the iPhone moderately useful despite the battery saving attempts. You don’t have to go for extremes when it comes to saving battery life. Plus, take a portable power-bank and USB cable along just in case you might need it in times of emergency. 

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