Are iOS Apps No Longer Safer Than Android’s?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A new security report from Checkmarx claims that the walled garden that is certainly Apple’s App Store may not be the safe haven it is hyped up to be. The report specifically claims that iOS apps possess a higher percentage of important or higher severity security vulnerabilities when in comparison with Android apps.

dangerous apple apps?

For purposes of your report, a vital vulnerability is defined as a single "that exposes a major safety danger with a direct exploit (not needing user involvement). If exploited, the safety threat may result in important harm towards the application and/or have important influence around the company."

All told, report claims that the notion of iOS apps being a lot safer than Android apps is arguably a myth at this point.

CSO highlights some from the report’s findings as follows:

Of your iOS vulnerabilities, 40 % had been important or higher severity, compared to 36 % in the Android vulnerabilities, said Amit Ashbel, item marketing and advertising manager at Checkmarx.

Researchers tested numerous applications of all forms, such as banking, utilities, retail, gaming and security - and in some cases important banking applications had vulnerabilities including faulty authentication and data leakage.

“You would expect the financial applications to become a bit much more secure, but we’re seeing that far more or much less they’re each of the very same,” Ashbel mentioned. 


Interestingly sufficient, safety researchers found that one of the most widespread vulnerability centers on apps leaking private and sensitive customer information and facts.

Now, to become fair, it is extremely easy to fudge numbers with statistics, and it remains unclear if iOS is definitely far more harmful than Android. Right after all, the report appears to focus on percentages rather than raw numbers.

Look at this scenario: 10 apps on the App Shop have security holes. Of that group, 4 vulnerabilities are deemed to be essential, yielding the 40% figure Checkmarx cites above. At the identical time, imagine that one hundred apps in the Google Play retailer have security holes. And from that group, say that 36 are deemed to be of an important nature, yielding a 36% figure. Without the need of understanding the raw numbers, the percentages inform us totally nothing.

Nevertheless, we do not need to summarily dismiss Checkmarx’s findings out of hand, particularly in light of reports that a wellwell-known app around the App Retailer has been aggregating Instagram username and passwords and sending them off to a remote server. What’s extra, the app in query, referred to as InstaAgent, was also publishing unauthorized pictures to user accounts without the need of their permission.

The app has given that been pulled in the App Store, but not before becoming the top rated cost-free app across the UK and in Canada. The app was also obtainable on Android, but one particular would feel that Apple, with their vetting procedure, would have spotted the problem-child earlier. Even crazier, Google removed the app in the Google Play store before Apple removed it from the App Store.

Again, Apple’s beloved walled garden might not be as pristine as we’ve all been led to think


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