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Friday, May 24, 2019

Apple’s C94 recently went on sale.

Why is apple C94 so hot?


What is C94?

How to buy the desired C94 product?

This article may help you get the knowledge about the C94.Apple USB-C to Lightning cable


Ⅰ、What is USB-C to Lightning

USB-C to Lightning is a date cable defined by apple itself, one end is USB-C port, the other end is Apple’s unique Lightning head. The standard which covers iPhone and iPad charging and date transfer, is an important part of apple’s MFi certification. This cable was first released with the iPad Pro. The cable with the USB  PD charger, enabling the latest Apple devices enjoy the quick charging experience.Lightning interface

In Sep. 2012, iPhone 5 was launched. It was the first Lightning device, which officially unveiled Apple’s new connector form, the connector is small and support positive and negative insertion. During these period,   Lightning connector accompanied with iPhone5, iPhone6, iPhone7, iPhone 8iPhone XiPhone XS/XR and    other generation of Apple mobile phone, and alo added quick charging function in the coming models.

Ⅱ、What does C94 look like

This is the high-definition images of the C94 connector took from the companies which is the first batch   of it, it also the first time to show the internal structure. Relative to the C48, E75 multiple component combination, C94 is higher chip design integration.

Ⅲ、Which Apple devices support fast charging

Now Apple’s Lightning port device that supports USB PD quick charging currently has six phones and three tablets. The latest iPhone XSiPhone XS MaxiPhone XR also carry fast charging function.

However, these Apple iPhone models are not equipped with the standard USB-C to Lightning data cable andUSB PD charger, user need to purchase it by themselves.

Ⅳ、What is the relationship between C94 and C52 and C91?

At present, the apple family already has 3 kinds of connectors that support quick charging which is C52, C91, C94. C52 and C91 are exclusively for Apple’s own use. The C52 is old model has been discontinued, and C91 is currently sold on the marketApple old connector suspend production schedule

Although Apple discontinued the C48 connector,  it brought new support for quick charger C94. Currently, ithas opened the MFi authorization certification, will officially ship in bulk on March and April, which is the   most anticipated cable for the Apple users in 2019.

Apple C91 Connector

Apple C91 Connector



Apple C94 Connector


Apple official announced opening of USB-C to Lightning cable authorization to the third party,  and the     third party’s USB-C to Lightning cable materials will develop towards diversification in the market. Not only the diversity of material, length, but also the integration of fast charging charger, car charger,  powerbank and others products, to solve the needs of different consumer.

Ⅴ、What are the first C94 authorized brands?

Apple C94’s debut, not less than NVIDIA, AMD released graphics.

Anker is the first brand to sell this C94 chip cable, and the coming brand is Momax, Benks, OPSP, IDMIX   and so on.

Ⅵ、What is the cost price of C94

With the official launch time of USB-C to Lightning date cable approaching, Apple has informed all MFi    member enterprises of the sample purchase framework of C89 and C94 and started to officially provide     sample purchase. Meanwhile, the sample has been launched on the website of VANET and ARROW which is Apple’s designated supplier. Apple C94 Cost PriceFrom the picture above we get the information is that, C89 and C94 sample price is US$2.88, delivery time is 6 weeks, the max. Sample quantity is 100pcs.

It should be noted that the samples of the USB-C to Lightning (C94) were purchased, then the PPID (ProductPlan ID) could be obtained through the process. PPID is a very important part in the application for MFi certification.

Ⅶ、If C94 easy to crack?

Apple’s latest release of the C52, C100 and other connectors are using SHA256 algorithm encryption, generally speaking, Bitcoin also uses this encryption method, crackis quite difficult, unless it is to use the cost of supercomputers or quantum computers.Apple ungrade MFi icon

The new version of the MFi Identity Guidelinesby Apple on February 9th,2018 has updated the packaging requirements and MFi logo. After completion of the certification of products need to use the new packaging design and MFi logo.

Apple will add the classic LOGO icon into the certification LOGO, which is Apple’s registered trademark,    unauthorized use, will constitute infringement.

In summary, Apple will strengthen the influence of MFi ecological chain from three part, including the upgrade encryption method, increase the difficultly of cracking, improve chip design, eliminate grafting, put the Apple icon on the MFi authorized sticker for trademark protection.

Ⅷ、How to buy a favorite C94 date cable?

Before purchase, you can ask yourself 2 questions,

First of all, the use of the C94 cable, with power bank, charger or car charge? If it is equipped with the power bank, 20cm or 50cm is enough. March charger and car charger, 1m, 1.2m ,2.0m are good.Secondly, C94 wire material, if you are afraid of frequent use, too hard, you can choose the woven net,    metal head, kevlar, these will against the break well.

Ⅸ、What do need to pay attention to C94 certification ?

Different from the previous USB-A to Lightning cable certification, Apple added a threshold to MFi certification proces of USB-C to Lightning cable. That is the USB-C connector must be certified by USB-IF association and the corresponding TID number nees to be provided.TID Certification RequirementsIn the email sent by Apple to MFI enterprise, it is clearly stated thatThe USB-C plug must have an assigned Connector Test ID from the USB-IF.Apple’s two generation fast charger USB-C interface

Ⅹ、What kinds of charger and power bank can be used with C94?

USB PD charger, not USB-C charger. USB-C chargers are not necessarily USB PD charger. Don’t be fooled. Support fast charging iPhoneiPad Pro are compatible with USB PD protocol. The full name of USB PD is USB Power Delivery, which is a fast charging standard launched by USB standardization organization.Mobile Phone Charging Technology Development History

See the picture above to get the knowledge of the mobile phone charging technology, this is  also fit for iPhone and iPads.

From left to right are the low-power era when the chargers were just 5V0.7A, 5V1A. Then it entered the   era of USB-A BC1.2 non-quick charging, with the charge power of 5V1.5A and 5V2A. In the USB-A era of quick charging, the charger’s power is 5V2A,9V2A,12V2A, etc. Compared with the previous 10W, the  quick charging power has more than doubled.Now it has fully entered era of USB PD quick charging. USB-C interface integrates mobile phone and laptops,making them more intelligent and more powerful.iPhone Fast Charge Actual Measurement

From the picture, iPhone works mostly on the 9V PD gears. Therefore, the charge and car charger for iPhone quick charging need to support voltage gears of 5V, 9V and 12V. iPad Pro Fast Charge Actual Measurement

For iPad Pro charging, if the maximum charging power needs to be exerted. The charger, power bank, car  charger for iPhone quick charging should be selected to support 5V9V12V15V20V and others voltage gears.


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